1. I was also stuck on the liyue ruin hunter for way too long lol

  2. Vs: luka L/N: ichika MMJ: shizuku VBS: kohane WxS: rui N25: kanade

  3. I agree with the other commentor that one full day in Kyoto probably isn't going to be enough - especially in the fall, I think you'd really love it there! Don't get me wrong, Koyasan is special, but you could probably make it a one night trip (from what I understand most people go as an overnight trip unless they're coming from far away or doing a lot of hiking, and in fact, when I went earlier this year it was just one night, and we were able to see and experience all that we wanted).

  4. That’s a really good point, I think my main thing was I didn’t really want to do a 3 hr train ride that day, but I mean it may be worth it to have that extra time in Kyoto

  5. Just one full day in Kyoto is really not much. I would do at least 2-3 just to get a highlight of the city.

  6. Thank you for the response!!! Rushing the trip was my biggest concern, as I had been using this itinerary (

  7. It got overplayed in coop because of the “genshin dance” video from tiktok

  8. Ok kinda too late to clarify but if your bed is like within a hands length (✋) from a wall and but it’s not touching it should still be counted as touching a wall tbh

  9. If you're referring to the theatrical Lego movie, it's Will Arnett.

  10. Bubble future and do not go on expert, I always get one or two goods and it kills me

  11. Minoris noooo plus Akitos damn it and sometimes airis ugh

  12. about 2 months like when the exciting picnic event started and I’m rank 80

  13. Nope, R is maroon and the closest would be 1 which is red

  14. 2 nings, 2 heizous, 1 kazuha and 0 thoma for me 😭 the quest to have every four star continues (thoma and sara you will come home eventually)

  15. Leia is weird and doesn’t flow right but I love the song

  16. Maybe more of these glass trees and glass gazebos from the same event? And maybe mermaid couches, tables and gazebos if you have more of them :) The part on the water alreadylooks great!!

  17. that’s all I have😭I didn’t really participate in the glass event because I was too busy

  18. RAIN? Oh lord of geo please do us a favor and clear this up at your earliest convenience, I submit that we CANNOT afford for the codices to get damp!!!

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