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Dog is totally unaware of its own size

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Microsoft is buying Activision-Blizzard

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Microsoft Nears Deal to Buy Activision

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  1. There's a very large Autocross chapter in the area;

  2. That'd be fun. Id love to participate in a race

  3. Fair warning, a lap is like 1 minute. You get 3-6 laps per event. And are expected to stick around all day to help stand in the field and reset cones as drivers knock 'em over.

  4. I think I got a contact high just from listening to this lol

  5. Why is the antenna shark fin thing like, directly above the driver's seat?

  6. I haven't used the Start menu for anything since Windows 7.

  7. I generally don't use the Start menu for much, but I do pin a few frequently used apps and in that case I find it easier to just hit the WinKey + Down Arrow + Enter

  8. I watched that whole series multiple times during my first few months climbing.

  9. Wearing that shirt on TV seems like a terrible way to go about keeping it a secret

  10. AT is definitely necessary, there are many people who want hot hatch but couldn't drive 3-pedal.

  11. Yea I agree. Golf R offers both, Veloster N offers both.

  12. I looked at the golf R, but everything I’ve looked up has said RS > R. It looks wildly more fun. Also slightly cheaper than a new golf R. I can’t get an STI. I just don’t like them for whatever reason. I will have the xterra for bad snow days, but I want something I can go “canyon carve” up in the mountains with and AWD is a much safer bet in the event I hit any ice / snow. Also I’d like a fast / fun daily, so being able to drive my daily to work would be nice. The xterra is a great vehicle but it’s gas mileage is atrocious and it’s only really fun to drive off road ya know?

  13. The RS is definitely "more fun" than the Golf R, but the Golf is going to be more comfortable. I don't think it's really possible to say one is objectively better than the other, it's a matter of personal preference. It offers a nicer interior, less harsh of a ride.

  14. I am sorry but this isnt funny. Its an overused joke and is far from "dank" downvote if you want but its the truth

  15. Also its the horny one who should be getting bonked so the text doesn't even make sense.

  16. Right? Haha. I think it comes out this year but who fucking knows at this point.

  17. Yea wikipedia suggests this year, but who knows with the general state of Blizzard lately.

  18. Ulver has something for everyone, or everything for someone.

  19. I usually just put on some lighter EDM or Eminem if I must choose music.

  20. I just spent $200 on dog beds, even though I already have 3, and both dogs are allowed on all my furniture.

  21. Nobody tells attractive men they can't have an attractive woman. A lot of people (for whatever reason) tell unattractive men they can't have an attractive woman.

  22. That's a good point. "She's way out of your league" is a strong thing to reinforce into someone.

  23. To hazard a guess. You come in make something that's your passion project it gets massive success so you've got your money but then you're constrained into what boss and shareholders want so you leave to do your passion work again.

  24. Or it wasn't even a passion project in the first place. It was your foot in the door to get some real world EXP and money.

  25. The dog's last, desperate look at the owner really ties this together

  26. I prefer DOTA over League, but it's legitimately hard for me to recommend anyone learn a MOBA blind & alone lol.

  27. They claimed the ad blocker changed how the browser displayed the page which was a violation of copyright. Did they also know that a user can change the font size, or the default colors, or the image sizes in a browser thus changing how it's displayed? Am I guilty of copyright infringement if I change the font size from 8 to 14 so I can read it better?

  28. By that logic, scanning for and removing malware or references to malware would be a copyright violation. So all malware scanners that remove or neutralize malware are copyright violators?

  29. "Your honor, this man removed the tomato we put on his burger. I demand you throw him in jail!"

  30. The last pictures look a lot like some kind of infestation to me. Did you have a closer look under the leaves? I don't have any experience with this particular plant, but I'd assume those are thrips. That would also explain the big brown spots on that one leaf.

  31. I think you might be right. I looked around on Google as to what thrip damage looks like, and looked at the underside of my new plant:

  32. Maybe also look at spider mite damage, that looks similar and for me it's difficult to say which one it is just from pictures. If it's mites, there should be webbing visible somewhere around the soil or under the leaves.

  33. Thanks! Yea I assume there's "higher risk" with buying from a big-box store. The snake leaf was from a nice little boutique shop.

  34. Yep. They already announced that once it's complete, Phil Spencer will be CEO!

  35. Wait, and they bought Bethesda (EDIT: Zenimax) for just 7.5 billion? What the actual fuck.

  36. He didn't fall because he has board members as good buddies. Phil won't have that luxury and they are directly attaching Microsoft name to this. Microsoft has reputation to protect.


  38. These are fair points, but no other Microsoft acquisition had quite the level of baggage as Activision Blizzard, and Kotick is a huge part of that baggage. If there was ever an opportunity for them to break that pattern, this is it. They need people to run these companies, and there are other execs in the world that can fill Bobby's shoes.

  39. I loved Monster Hunter World. It was my first MH ever as I'm a pc player. Now Rise looks and seems like a straight up downgrade and step back from what I'm used to from Mhw. That's why I'm still on the fence.

  40. MHW was also my first MonHun. I mostly just played it because my friends were playing it.

  41. It's a Switch port. I don't understand why people keep bringing up the graphics. It's a cesspool over at the Steam forums with this type of complaint. Do people really not realize the Switch isn't capable of the same graphics as other consoles and PC?

  42. I think there's some sort of memory leak or something because after a few hours I need to close & restart the game, personally.

  43. I think the hesitation that I (and I'm sure a lot of others) have is that playing board games feels like a social thing - and playing alone feels kind of sad.

  44. That was exactly my thought upon reading the headline.


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