Italy’s new prime minister

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WCGW drilling into a gas tank

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  1. I mean, for the price they'd charge for something that merely looks like that... You may as well just do it yourself.

  2. Haven't played LOL for years, what happened with it?

  3. Just the simple concept of having to buy or unlock individual heroes. Whereas DOTA gives all the heroes to everybody and you can only buy hats.

  4. I just don’t expect Mandarin and English to have literal translations back and forth so translating to phrases that make the same point makes more sense to me

  5. So the quote in question is "出什么都没用我觉得,先慢慢打", the translation was "Nothing you buy will make a difference. Just stay calm."

  6. Lol people freaking out in the comments cause a woman says she wants to refer to her self as a Christian mother and a woman. Why is this even controversial?

  7. It's not that she wants to call herself a Christian woman/mother, it's that she thinks she can't.

  8. The only thing I can possibly see as a "nice" thing is it's a weird way to say "Don't yuck someone else's yum"

  9. I will never get this male obsession with lesbians. Why would you want to fantasize/hope that women you are into definitely want to never have sex with you.

  10. It's more just about watching the spectacle rather than thinking you're somehow gonna convince those 2 to double up on you or any kind of "self insert fantasy".

  11. I watch porn for the men and I was always kinda suspicious about those whole "Women watch lesbian porn the most" statistics.

  12. Jesus, it’s a shop that deals with flammable petrochemicals, where is the freaking fire extinguisher?

  13. I'm absolutely shocked the guy who thought to drill into a gas tank didn't think to grab the fire extinguisher more quickly than he did.

  14. I mean, it was pretty obvious thar shit was about to explode the moment that guy said, “let me get my drill.” There was nothing abrupt to it. It also explains why the camara was ready.

  15. I think you're confusing "abrupt" with "unexpected".

  16. Firefox does kinda the same, but you will need to type the first letter of /menu first.

  17. Yea, but that's what I'd like to avoid. The need to type in the full address or "circumventing" that need by hitting down arrow to select the item in the address bar list & Enter to actually navigate.

  18. Amazing. You are a true American hero. Or whatever nationality you are. Thank you for finding that.

  19. I don't understand what you mean by "fake performance". In games like Baldurs Gate 3 and the MW2 beta that just ended DLSS Quality atleast on 1440p looked a lot better than native with noticeably more detail compared to the blurry TAA and also gave better fps. Ghosting is an issue but not in all games.

  20. People were pretty upset when MS "locked" DX10 to Vista. And I think again with DX12 & Win10

  21. I think if he was genuinely racist he wouldn’t have immediately apologised and then stood on the steps looking all dejected.

  22. I mean, I think one could be a racist and apologize, because at the end of the day he also wants to make a sale.

  23. I mean, you're probably right, but I have a colleague named Nikki and I sometimes have to physically stop myself from calling her "Nikkers" as a nickname because I only realize how bad it sounds at the last second.

  24. I agree the jetta is not a sports car. not sure why the downvotes. Although I would argue that cars like an m3 (which is a sporty version of an already somewhat sporty, but regular, car) IS a sports car.

  25. To add even more gray to the mix, where does the M340i land?

  26. Here's what Jason Camissa has to say about the Tesla Model 3 steering :

  27. Something can be quick and precise while also not giving any feedback, eg numb.

  28. This reminds me of a game where we were going for a game-winning push into our base, but they had megas and our Disruptor volunteered to defend the base while we pushed.

  29. When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all

  30. I believe he also was the one that suggested the Bane + WW in a previous game, that Miposhka said was a horrible pairing

  31. Right lol. I love the concept but hate the price. I'm trying to find cheaper ones but no luck 😕

  32. The materials choice is up to the buyer. These are bespoke hypercars made to order. The options list is whatever you want. Don't want CF accents? Then don't get them.


  34. What fascinates me the most about this is how well the brain "adapts" to a completely unnatural act.

  35. It’s just an inch higher than an Elantra N. I don’t think it’s the awful world-ender you’re making it out to be.

  36. N line and N are two different things lol. That website doesn't even have the Kona N available on it

  37. Interesting comparison to the pony cars. It is a more appropriate comparison. At the price, not sure why you’d get the Z over a loaded Mustang GT or even a Mach 1 or Camaro. And you get an NA V8 to boot.

  38. The crazy thing to me is they're acting like the $10k is just for the diff. When you add up everything that it gives you and what it would cost to replicate is on the aftermarket and installed at a shop, you'd end up paying far more than $10k. Let's go down the list:

  39. The Performance trim also comes with a spoiler, which - according to Camissa on the Carmudgeon episode talking about the Z - makes a significant improvement at triple digit speeds.

  40. At first it did, then I read the title and it did look like the inside of a split rock, then again and it was sandwich

  41. But like... "green opal" and there's only a miniscule amount of green even in the thumbnail.

  42. It's not dead, you just need to strategize a bit more. Most of the fast food places have apps these days that include all sorts of deals plus loyalty programs if you order through the app. I just opened my Burger King app and one of the deals is a $6 Whopper meal with small fries/drink (which would be $9.69 if I just rolled up to the drive-thru to order). I know that it loses a bit of the convenience factor, but I pretty much never get fast food without going through the app and applying a deal first.

  43. I think that's intentional. Mercedes and BMW want really tech-forward interiors to impress buyers. Genesis seems to prefer opulent interior materials and "craftsmanship" instead of technology (despite having a comparable feature set).

  44. To be fair, a surprising amount of people still don’t know Lexus = Toyota, Acura = Honda, etc.

  45. Yea, and those are the kinds of people who won't have heard of Genesis still.

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