1. I actually thought it was better than it had any right to be. I'm someone who found Death Troopers lame, Red Harvest so-so, but this was good for me. I enjoyed the mystery of the prison being revealed like an onion having its layers peeled. Also unlike Karpshyn, just because the protagonist is a bad person doesn't make him

  2. thats fair, i don't really like either of them tbh. im more of a fan of the James Luceno style writers

  3. It’s like, I want to disagree with you on a bunch of points, but I can’t figure out a way to do so that doesn’t come off as me just going “Nuh uh you’re wrong”

  4. i'll address point C because A and B i feel like are an Agree to disagree type of point structure,

  5. It’s not like they’re doing it out of hand. They’re not criticizing people who eat meat simply because they don’t like the flavor or something. Eating meat necessarily requires suffering, making their judgement a moral one, not one of preference.

  6. for me its one out of necessity due to numerous allergies, do i like that what i eat came from a factory? no, can i eat a vegan diet? no, can i eat more ethical meat? not very often as its more expensive. i hate the meat industry, but still have to eat meat

  7. > Veganism is a philosophy and way of living which seeks to exclude—as far as is possible and practicable—all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose

  8. yeah i still seek to minimise the harm i do, im more on about the diet front, but yeah as a mindset veganisms great. id be vegan if i wasnt allergic to all the shit i am.

  9. yeah, i've literally seen a conservative shout at an ace person im friends with for being a sexual pervert. BRO SHE IS ACE

  10. apparently this is a great comic alex should sue

  11. Ok Grandad, time to go to bed. Off you go.

  12. god i fucking hate young sheldon so much. as an autistic person fuck that guy he smells like a doo doo

  13. based, i hate big bang theory too, Very unique and reddit of me i know

  14. awesome, glad she was. its so scary coming out lol

  15. no it isnt friend, >:3 i own the meme now. UwU

  16. Yeah i get that, men are pretty nice :)

  17. kinda the opposite for me ig. i dont like most men though

  18. Mostly, yeah. I just haven't had an emotional release about this in a while. At work was probably not the best place to begin one.

  19. we all need an emotional release every once and a while, loss is something that will always affect us emotionally

  20. im glad you are ok. and i get it that certain things build up. it happens to everyone.

  21. lots of adults collect cuddly toys. and yes some even name them, nothing inherently creepy about this. its literally just someone with an eccentric partner

  22. I hate that collecting plushies have become eccentric when people have collected things like fine plates and cutlery for so long and its seen as normal

  23. yeah, to me its the same as collecting something like cutlery

  24. Oh boy 196 has a new Twitter mircroceleb. I'm sure this one won't go sussy like the last

  25. Kiraaaaaa or whatever their name was ended up being outed as a pedophile

  26. are they standard size hardcovers on the marvel trades

  27. Do you mean DC Vs vampires and dark knights of steel? They’re standard size hardcovers

  28. no, they marvel ones just looked odd to me for some reason.

  29. you say that but when have conservatives been known for their media literacy

  30. assuming you have told your girlfriend the situation, have a conversation with her about moving in as soon as you are 18, your parents dont love you unconditionally and you need a supportive environment asap.

  31. why were you banned in the first place lmao

  32. Nah I counted at least three or four hornyposts about femboys and gock in the last day with a quick scroll.

  33. I hate fetishisation of femboys and trans women tbh. Like im a femboy and it just grosses me the fuck out, like no im not gonna wanna slobber over you because you think we are hot. like underaged femboys and trans women are a thing as well we aren't for your pervy arse to drool over.

  34. impressive skill, you must be very proud

  35. i use neopronouns, and guess what im still queer.

  36. considering the rift between the opinions of the majority in britain and the opinions of the politicians in charge, it is evident that it might happen sooner than you believe. also one of the major parties is imploding so that is good for the movement

  37. the fact we might have borris back in is... fucking hell

  38. if they do that, the government might actually collapse (SPECULATION/OPINION)

  39. The portal gun one he probably made up. He definitely made up blabs before. It's usually the usernames that give it away lol

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