Your ex probably isn’t having fun.

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  1. This sucks but usually if you get a weird feeling about someone it's most likely true.

  2. You will be fine, there will always be something that you are different from him, and don't compare yourself with the new guy because the grass might not be actually greener on the other side. People are always sharing their best moments on social media, and these are just facets of their lives and we don't know the full stories.

  3. I'm trying to take it one day at a time. Definitely getting stronger and my feelings for her are getting weaker.

  4. It's ok to take the time to work on yourself. And when you're ready you can do things that you think would be cool to do. But you also don't have to wait to find joy. Do things, even small things, now that make you happy. It can be as simple as calling a friend or going for a walk at a new to you park. Or you can plan a weekend getaway somewhere nice just for you.

  5. Yes, it was just this expectation I had that even she must be trying to deal with things the same way I am. But it got crushed by seeing her having the time of her life. I know this isn't a competition between me and her but yet just as we expect the other person to love and care for us as much as we do, I expected her to grieve as much as I am.

  6. I'm sorry. If it means anything, I'm sure her online life is very different from how she really feels. It is just a presentation. She is only going to show the best.

  7. Yes, I'll try and not let it get to my head anymore. Thank you so much for caring.

  8. Just because someone is rich doesn’t make the other person better than you. It’s how he treats her.

  9. She posted "with my gentleman ❤️" so I guess he's treating her well.. But it's alright. I know she's gone. Maybe I needed to see this to accept the fact.

  10. I was meditating yesterday and I realised I wasn't thinking about her and it brought a smile to my face :)

  11. That’s ok it happens, now you have experience. Learn from it. When I was dating my ex my mom said she had this look in her eyes that said she needed love, a lot of it. Maybe it was how she grew up or maybe I just felt for her narcissistic ways, either way I tried to give her some much and all of my love that I even stopped loving myself. I got so caught up on trying to take care of her. But it happens, she left. Now It’s a lesson I’ll never forget.

  12. I went through the exact same situation. Wish you positivity in life.

  13. If it was for money out of desperation then we could've had a talk about whether you should stay with her.. But I think you're just asking for a messed up relationship and mental health if you continue.

  14. 38, she's already dating other people.

  15. That's worse than porn. That's the lowest tier. Bro take this as a signal you're on a very wrong track.

  16. She already played you, don't play yourself. Stay away. Maintain NC. You're just gonna give her an ego boost.

  17. Around 35 days of NC. No, she hasn't reached out or even accidently viewed my story or anything.

  18. We were together New Years Eve… She left the day after and came back the following week.

  19. Mine left me for her ex around new year too, haven't heard from her since.

  20. True. Good riddance. I've moved on and I honestly don't want to talk to her ever again. I just have this unhealthy longing for her to reach out once so I can atleast know she still thinks of me.

  21. I'm at this stage 2 months into break up and no contact. I still think about her all the time but it's not accompanied by that physical pain or uneasiness. The longing to talk to her has gone.

  22. I'm the dumper because I kept communicating my boundaries to my Gf and she kept overstepping them. I loved her, still do but I caught her in one too many lies, manipulation, black mailing etc and decided to end things.

  23. I was in a similar situation, after a year of being played like this, I found out they were fucking.

  24. Thank you, this is exactly me right now. She dumped me and ran back to her ex that very week and now appears to be doing fantastic. Meanwhile, four months later I’m still recovering and am nowhere near being in a position to be in a relationship with another human being. Once I am healed though, I’ll be healed fully, while she is doomed to repeat the same processes that led to the downfall of our relationship ad infinitum by virtue of her refusal to address her issues

  25. Mine did the exact same thing and is now vacationing at the beach..stay strong

  26. I'm going through the exact same situation girlfriend was having an affair with another dude and she always told me they're just friends and I should stop poking so much.

  27. First of all I’m super sorry you have to go through this as well. But wow I never thought of it that way. My brain is definitely replacing the bad memories with the good, as like a coping mechanism or something. It makes it so much harder to move on because of the extreme highs they gave us.

  28. Let's stay strong together! We'll get through this

  29. What have you been doing to occupy yourself?

  30. I try to focus on work but I'm constantly checking her social media and if she's online. I know I shouldn't be doing this but my brain cannot focus on anything

  31. Got any other hobbies that you enjoy? Maybe keep your brain occupied with those. If it may help you not to look think of it this way, you broke it off but how hurt would they be if you decided to reach out when they themselves are trying to heal? It may encourage you not to look so you aren't tempted to reach out.

  32. I'll try picking up the guitar again, it's been collecting dust since a month. Will also get into an addictive web series. That should keep me occupied until my brain forgets about her. Thank you so much for helping me.

  33. Just rub one off look yourself in the mirror, feel disgusted and be like "fuck it Shift+dlt"

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