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  1. that's a torx security screw. You need a special torx bit with a recess in the center to remove.

  2. Walmart, any auto parts store, harbor freight etc etc

  3. It's totally up to you, I used to just take my wafers and split it in half and take it like any other pill.( would slosh some water around my mouth and swallow) My buddy put his in some OJ. One way isn't going to make it work better or last longer. 100% a personal preference thing.

  4. They are just fueling the fire. 2024 going to be interesting.

  5. It's an must if you're a legit EDC person.

  6. Man I would buy it but I just had to drop 8k on a new Central AC/Heat unit

  7. I got a sweet Opinel #8, let me know 😂😂

  8. Not gonna lie this is bad, they're well executed but why make knives and reference the time the US killed thousands of Japanese at one time

  9. History is history. I know that's a very hard statement and I'm not saying it's right.

  10. So let's fetishize the bombs themselves by naming them and making other products in their likeness?

  11. Nothing wrong with it however his head is ginormous and his arms are spaghetti he literally looks like a 9 year old

  12. Never admit fault let the cops decide who was at fault.

  13. Not sure why this was downvoted so heavily. Police determine fault in terms of who gets a citation. Insurance determines fault in terms of who gets paid.

  14. Yeah my apology got down voted so idk either. I honestly thought whoever the police determined as the at fault driver, that the insurance just followed. I don't mind the down votes because I know I wasnt the only person who thought that. Thanks again everyone for the clarification.

  15. I got a pretty good Opinel for trade lol

  16. [PRICE CHECK] Spyderco Paramilitary 2 in CruWear Upgraded Red Shredded carbon fiber scales. Red hardware and pocket clip will be added once they come in. Used very lightly

  17. Think he wanted to see it with his own eyes.

  18. Trust me, you don't want to hand in all the bills after a accident and have the insurance hand you most of them back because you was under insured. Happened to me when I was 21. Tens years later I'm still dealing with certain things.

  19. Next 1-3 years NELK will take a major hit some how. I hate to say it but it's looking bad.

  20. Bet it's nice being talented as hell lol. Amazing workmanship

  21. Spidey Because does another mass produce company do better heat treat?

  22. I just started to re-watch the series again. I'm on season 4 now. I forgot how great this show was. I'm excited for all the spin off shows.

  23. He pretty much told me that knives will last forever without any attention, but relationships are much more difficult. They need attention, detail, hard work, and patience. Just like marriage. But enjoy yourself and never stop being you. And then he gave me the knife. Which by the way my wife doesn’t get knives lmao.

  24. Wife doesn't get knives!!? Next time she does the cooking take all the knives and hide them or you could divorce her 😉😉

  25. Unfortunately my experience showed time and time again that the clones have an action that easier to operate. To be honest I have multiple genuine Microtechs and also multiple clones and the clones all have a better action than the genuine Microtechs I own.

  26. Yeah I was just throwing the idea out there. Hope you get it figured out, that's a shit load of money for that to be going on.

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