1. why is OP getting so downvoted, damn, his feelings are so valid and I would feel weird about this too as a girl

  2. hey, sorry to hear:( I ended up only having one semester left til I finished all my subjects for biomed, so I just completed biomed and said I was done and managed to graduate with biomed. The APC never called me up or anything regarding this.

  3. Have you never done a bank transfer to pay a bill or a friend for your share of a meal? It's just the same for larger sums.

  4. I see, I have done that, I just thought it’d be different for such a large amount of money

  5. I was trying to remember the name of the character this was reminding me of, and then i saw your comment

  6. you said he doesn’t act like a “man” and he said you don’t act like a “woman”. i mean i feel like you’re both wrong here, but especially you, because you started if. if you feel so bad when your boyfriend says you’re not acting like a “woman”, why did you say he doesn’t act like a “man”? only dish out what you can take.

  7. What ? He came for my fertility, he came for my medical condition. I said he wasnt acting like a man and he was acting like a child because he was, I was just pointing out his behaviours. His is way worse. And I only said that about being a man after he had Insulted me

  8. Also - he came for your medical condition, but you went for who he is - his gender, an intrinsic part of him. You could get IVF but he can never take a drug to become more manly if it isn’t medically necessary. And that’s very very harsh of you. Just try to see it from his perspective. Both of you said something rude. He should apologise to you but you should also apologise to him for what you said.

  9. The way you word it, you insulted him first and then he insulted you back. Neither is okay. It’s never okay to tell someone they’re not a man, and it’s not okay for him to tell you you’re not acting like a real woman either. You might be backtracking now, but it sounds like you did start it (from your post) - and even if you didn’t, you shouldn’t have said it, just like you didn’t like that he said it. I have PCOS too but I would never tell my boyfriend he’s not a real man if he insulted me about my fertility. I’d be very mad at him and upset but that doesn’t mean I can go back and forth and just keep insulting him. You didn’t like it when he did it to you, so don’t do it to him. And if you act like him then you have no right to complain.

  10. As an Australian woman - no, they’re probably one of the worst hairstyles I’ve ever seen, and they’re just so so ugly. Ew.

  11. anyone who doesn’t call those zooper doopers is insane

  12. I feel like you have downward slanting eyes, you should look up Sydney Sweeney and try some of her makeup looks, I think they’d suit you more:)

  13. you suck it up for one fucking day and don’t ruin your sisters bday due to your anger at your parents. that’s not her fault.

  14. Never said I was mad at my sister or anything, I’m very happy for her, just wanting advice on how to even act coz I know my dads gonna gaslight me into thinking he was always like this.

  15. They probably did change because you left, and because of you, they realized they drove you away and wanted to be better. I know it hurts, but by taking a stand, you possibly changed your sister’s life for the better. The best you can hope for now is an apology, but you’ll probably have to make do with knowing your actions made life a little easier for your sister.

  16. Thank you. Tempted to decline but it’s in a few hours and I’d prefer not to. I don’t want to punish my sister for my dad’s actions. I’m really angry but hopefully it dissipates a bit over the next few hours. I want to remain civil but I honestly have no idea how I’m going to react. I’m so angry. Just wish I had her experience at home.

  17. Stop being selfish about a past you can’t change

  18. luckily it’s none of your business!! 🤩

  19. Lol at Edit 2. If you're so sure then just break up. Also if you're ashamed of your boyfriend being "dumb" then let him go and he can find someone who values him beyond that.

  20. Uhhh yeah…I’d feel bad too. Isn’t that obvious? Could’ve just woken her up and told her not to sleep on your shoulder. Bruh.

  21. The one with the drop looking thing under the fan? Thank you, legend!

  22. Your eyes look so much more bluer and pop so much more!! I love it!

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