2.75 Trillion

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Something isn't adding up

  1. https://www.azmirror.com/2021/11/17/stephen-richer-creates-pac-to-back-pro-democracy-republicans/

  2. I guess Florida Republicans are better at running elections than the Republicans running the Arizona elections. Are you suggesting they're trying to steal it from Dems?

  3. you realize katie hoBBS runs the AZ election?

  4. Florida fixed their election system when the hanging Chad's happened. Also Maricopa County had a ton of machine break.

  5. same machines worked during primaries Broke months later? hmmmm

  6. The best half witted plans of mice and men with the end results being WHAT?

  7. i don't think we can nuke our way out of this one, verbose redditor

  8. Pretty sure it's supposed to say, "Take a Journey". This is a pretty wild stretch.

  9. great so it says "take a journey," which is around an all-seeing eye pyramid?

  10. I'm not saying your point is moot, but you're making it sound more crazy and conspiratorial than it already is.

  11. well instead of just dismissing the thing outright you perhaps could have made the preceding observations? naw, that would take effort.

  12. Imo we are so far away from being able to code someone’s consciousness(if it’s even possible)that I can’t believe that it’s talked about so often by “serious” people. It makes me wonder what the real purpose of these conversations are

  13. they're simply preparing the masses. predictive programming

  14. "We're absolutely sure this drug is safe. Just to make certain... we didn't look!"

  15. Woah awesome. I hope the facebook drone gets called on this as well.

  16. https://fortune.com/2022/10/31/what-is-mark-zuckerberg-net-worth-losses-100-billion-metaverse-earnings/

  17. They wish. it's nVidia time - Play it the way it was meant to be played

  18. Congratulations! You've won nonsequitur of the month! Sorry for the delayed awarding.

  19. Why? Russia makes most of its income from selling oil.

  20. using climate change activists to turn off the taps in europe. russia knows ceasing the use of oil is a pipe dream with current technology.

  21. But if Europe stops buying their oil won’t they lose their biggest customer. Put aside the current global conflict. In the long term if Europe decides to ween off oil then isn’t that just a big hit to Russia.

  22. nope -- russia is easily pivoting to china and india in such a fashion (i.e. paying in rupees/rmb) as to destroy the source of american financial well-being, the petrodollar. this will lead to what the IMF/world bank are calling a "new bretton woods moment," a chance to implement central bank digital currencies which are globally fungible

  23. apparently the memory hole is something that exists in people's minds -- all the lies don't just disappear after being exposed yet somehow all the squarebrains out there can't put two and two together.

  24. who will fact check the fact checkers, hmmm?

  25. Some citizens are struggling to put food on the table and the governments solution is to buy electric. This is giving "let them eat cake" vibes.

  26. Look for to the next seven years of syphoning wealth, starvation, war, and pestilence to make people desperate enough to accept agenda 2030 and the great reset.

  27. what has taken millenia to build will be smashed in a few years

  28. It was two years ago a cruise ship had the most covod cases

  29. the diamond princess was a cruise for ages 55+ -- thousands of passengers in the highest risk age group. no crew died, 13 passengers (1.8% ifr out of 700 cases). one passenger death was under age 70 and the rest were 70+

  30. You suppress the masses with drugs and entertainment.

  31. i do wonder if thailand is attempting to alleviate political tensions by providing 1 million residents grow licenses

  32. it's not crazy it happened but it is crazy there will be no punishments; ferrer will lose no credibility with 99% of angelenos

  33. Pure corruption from the LA County Health Director, and part-time grim reaper impersonator, Barbara Ferrer.

  34. she exchanges beauty secrets with lori lightfoot, no doubt

  35. this is terrifying and your post is getting the downvote bot swat. speaking ill of a cashless society is not allowed?

  36. Imagine continuing to support a party financially that spends your money on the other party’s candidates. I’d be pissed if i was a Democratic donor.

  37. that's pretty much my take away from this.

  38. Dan Cox: "I am a hard right pro Trump candidate"

  39. wow another time waster. been blocking a lot of you last 24 hours.

  40. I mean, if you’re out protesting, you might be arrested.

  41. the told the police when they'd be "protesting" and then put out a public release saying "they may be arrested"

  42. The real conspiracy is having so many politicians having no arrest records for civil disobedience.

  43. kind of my point -- this is clearly staged. don't think i've heard of any arrests from two months of SCOTUS protests until yesterday; including weeks of flagrantly violating laws re: justices' homes

  44. Kalisz Schwab promises to use his power and wealth to try to take everything from you. “You’ll own nothing and be happy.” Why would anyone trust a manipulative thief and a megalomaniac? Anything he does will be to work towards his goal and will always be against your best interest. If he gets what he wants, we’ll be slaves.

  45. i'm not sure if others read that like i do:

  46. Those should be everywhere

  47. puberty blockers are different from hormones, it's the gender affirming hormones that cause infertility, not the puberty blockers.

  48. if you're 13 and experiencing normal puberty but stop it with puberty blockers until you're 17 it's going to effect fertility

  49. "Still, the agency has denied that it has not cooperated with investigators and maintains it’s unaware that any specific text messages were lost during the migration.

  50. What's your best educated guess on when we will have a centralized digital currency?

  51. https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/presidential-actions/2022/03/09/executive-order-on-ensuring-responsible-development-of-digital-assets/

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