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  1. Its for the better it doesnt get season 2.

  2. Almost halved my money just to buy DSR but got lucky i got 80% off with ds3 deluxe and ds2 SOTFS

  3. Nope, fuck that. Money and ammo comes first, so Loot gang.

  4. It suprises me that Trigger isn’t there at all. Must be the first new gen movie where the predecessors don’t return in the next one. (if we exclude Taiga and the none existing Z movie)

  5. You'd think that universe-wise he'd be there

  6. Yeah I feel like the epilogue bit dragged on and was a bit confusing but I'm a sucker for seeing the couple's kids so I couldn't complain haha

  7. I thought it already ended when that bitch died lol

  8. this would be my villain origin story. Is there already a story with this plot?

  9. Raeliana had this kind of story element.

  10. Too bad the emulator for xbox 360 fucking sucks

  11. The biggest nerf is when he was in Leo.

  12. Gaia SV: is this some kind of nerfed joke I’m too swole to understand?

  13. Imagine not saving your coordinates tch tch tch.

  14. You can play the co-op through emulator if you want tho, ofc you need to use some stuff like hamachi to play with friends.

  15. Kratos also killed him again during god of war 2 when he got summoned as a soul by a boss lol

  16. Flying school... with the controls from the "Definitive Edition"... 🤬

  17. Im afraid to ask, but wtf was the controls on that version?

  18. The planes are controlled via mouse movement...

  19. I honestly though its gonna be johhny sins

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