1. What kind of person drives at that speed on icy roads like that and thinks it’s fine?!

  2. Market it all you want, I'm never taking anything this company produces.

  3. One of the steps of breaking someone involves arbitrary rules that make no logical sense. Forcing people to dig a hole by hand with a pile of shovels nearby, things of that nature.

  4. Taken right out of the communist POW psychological torture handbook.

  5. I like it because it automatically filters out all the crap new movies that hollywood shits out by virtue of being discontinued around the time they stopped making good movies.

  6. Byron Center isn't far enough outside the city anymore. Subdivisions and condos are everywhere now, and there's that stupid mall that causes a bunch of traffic.

  7. I couldn't have said it better. Nuclear is the only "green" energy.

  8. They work at violating the due process rights of citizens, but that's about it.

  9. Getting rid of grades 10 to 15 is a little drastic...

  10. Maybe they're tired of being glorified drug dealers for the pharma industry.

  11. Except some ice sits on dry land, oops

  12. I always wondered how fake The_Donald was. Conservatives on Reddit are unbelievably rare, yet somehow a whole shitload of them magically appeared and took over the front page for years.

  13. Is it that hard to respect the 2nd amendment rights of citizens?

  14. What a laugh. Is it that hard to understand that all constitutional rights whether, it’s the first amendment or the fourteenth amendment, the fifth or sixth amendment are subject to reasonable regulation as opposed to absolute destruction?

  15. Why do you want to make people defenseless and dependent on the government for their safety, are you some type of criminal looking for a schmorgasboard of defenseless victims to rape, rob, and kill?

  16. I bought mine off amazon used. The one I got looked completely new, came in retail box, no wear, even had the peel off plastic still on the sides.

  17. Cool. I’ll be sure to avoid these as well

  18. Buy a Jeep and put 37's on it, potholes are irrelevant.

  19. You can walk to the grocery store in 1ft deep snow, in 0F degree weather, and -10F wind chill all you want. I'm going to take my truck because I'm not a lunatic.

  20. I live in Minneapolis. I walk the 4 blocks to the store in snow and 20 to - 20 degrees a couple times a week because I am not a little baby.

  21. They only drive 40? That's pretty slow, I go faster than that down dirt roads.

  22. Ditch the city income tax immediately. Its nothing but a penalty for being in the working class.

  23. People have said this with ever new safety feature addition...

  24. For some its absolutely true though. Like traction control, ABS, and automatic headlights. Every winter you can tell who is asleep behind the wheel and who can actually drive.

  25. I'm saying its bad because people have it engrained in their brain now to just stomp on the brake pedal as hard as possible instead of learning how to control it skillfully.

  26. The first document has already been released:

  27. The censorship bureau must have gotten laid off.

  28. I support the total unconditional surrender of Russian forces in Ukraine.

  29. Diesel here, $450/mo spread out across the year (equalized payments).

  30. Get a pellet stove, it will pay for itself fairly quickly. You can get one that hooks up to a programmable thermostat and it will run automatically.

  31. Look at their profile and prepare to be utterly unsurprised where they post, lol

  32. Your suspicions are confirmed, I'm not part of your tankie cult.

  33. What's condescending is everyone who thinks they are entitled to take a much money as they want from the people, who actually work for a living, to pay for their free shit that the people they're taking the money from don't even qualify for.

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