1. Unfortunately I cant see the video..its "not available in your country". Im guessing youre no resorting to mocking and ad hominin attacks? A bit disappointing.

  2. No mocking or ad hominem attacks. I shared the video to note an uncanny parallel between the theory you shared and a recent comedy sketch.

  3. I do wonder how JF could have known that she would be able to get away with not showing ID or paying. Has she done this before? Did she know how the hotel operated at certain times? What would her plan have been had the front desk insisted on ID and payment?

  4. Excellent questions. My contention remains that there were hotel employees in on whatever covert activities she was up to.

  5. Thanks for the follow up! And, yes, like you Im in this subreddit exactly for the reasons you state and I suspect we both share some frustrations.. which is why probably my tone also wasnt as charitable as it might have been.

  6. Sure, there is information pointing toward suicide but then there is the forensic evidence that appears completely contradictory. I mean, we can see from the crime scene photos that there was blood spatter pretty much everywhere except her hand that was holding the gun. That’s highly suspicious. Add to that the recoil on the gun that somehow stayed in her hand despite her odd grip, the lack of gun shot residue, and the fact that her finger prints were not found on the bullets. Per M Iversen, the investigator featured on Unsolved Mysteries, said flat out that based on the forensic evidence, it’s easier to explain someone else doing it than her doing it herself.

  7. The frame damage is worrisome to me. It is the right color though

  8. Thank you for sharing this lead. This is the type of lead that will eventually help solve this case

  9. You can make a just so story to change thugs up, but yes, it’s a suicide. She was expecting the knock, after three warnings of her bill.. when the expected knock came… she pulled the trigger. The door CAN be locked from the outside but this means a killer waited for a knock, then somehow knew the guard left after a while, then left with all of Jennifer’s personal items including every last coin and items like her toothbrush and make up BUT not her upper body clothes… and wasn’t noticed in the lobby and didn’t leave a void in the blood spatter when shooting.

  10. Yes, good question. That’s why police initially ruled it a suicide. Obviously, security was able to access the room even though it was double locked. Also, VG consulted an expert who showed how the door could have been locked from the outside.

  11. She was buried for the second time in September last year. Source: Article in VG by LCW, September 26 2021.

  12. Yes, excellent point. There was an exhumation performed in 2016. But we don’t know how much of the body was disinterred. My assumption (which may not be correct) is that not all of the remains were dug up and collected. In the VG doc, a member of the crew remarks that he’s surprised there’s so much left. They mention removing the skull and teeth. If the remaining remains were not needed, wouldn’t they have remained in the gravesite? Or if everything had been disinterred wouldn’t any material not needed for testing/analysis have been returned to the site?

  13. Actually, no, we dont need to take his account as gospel at all. We can actually completely ignore it.

  14. The head of security did not identify the smell as gunpowder. He merely described a smell in the room as “acrid.” I suppose that description could refer to gun powder, but it’s quite a vague term that could refer to many different odors. Perhaps unrefrigerated, rapidly decomposing bratwurst and potato salad.

  15. No, it’s unfortunate that the word was chosen instead of just saying it but “acrid smell” is always the adjective chosen to describe gunpowder. I’m going to assume you haven’t smelled gunpowder before. You would not describe rotting food as acrid, rotting food is not bitter but is described as “fetid”. I can’t count how many times they’d just said it straight out but when police at the scene of a shooting describe the acrid smell in the air they are referring to the gunpowder smell. Moreover, a piece of cooked sausage does NOT decay or go bad in 24 hours in a room temperature environment. It would smell sausage-y.

  16. Hmm, I’m not sure why it matters if I’ve smelled gunpowder before. Gunpowder does not have the monopoly on the adjective “acrid.” It merely means a strong or unpleasant taste or smell. I agree that it’s unfortunate that the head of security used such a vague term. (Rhetorical question): If what he smelled was gunpowder, why not say so?

  17. The requirement of which way your car can face while parked, or the state not requiring front plates?

  18. Which way the car is parked. I don’t have front plates in my state

  19. I’m literally in one of the lots right now that has a big sign “Do Not Back Into Spaces.” The new parking system uses the image of license plates to monitor parked vehicles. It’s a replacement for parking enforcement officers.

  20. Fixed it for you: she’s a v6. I love her so much. Bought on Halloween Day :)

  21. She called to book the room and just came to the hotel and said she wanted a room ? I'm just watched the Netflix documentary so I'm not sure.

  22. Yes, I agree. Although I lean much farther toward the high-end sex worker rather than spy/intelligence agent explanation, I definitely think that there were folks inside the hotel who were operating on the sly

  23. That's why I'm not a fan of the spy or secret agent theory. These functions always cherish the description and the first thing I would do was not attract the attention of the hotel, not paying the bill.

  24. Right, and not paying the bill is precisely what drew the attention of the hotel staff.

  25. Because payement is a trace of her staying there. I bet that if something wouldn't have gone wrong and she was killed, the accomplice in the hotel would have just trashed the card and there would have been nothing left of her staying in that hotel.

  26. It seems to me that any reputable intelligence agency would have the funds to cover a few nights stay in a hotel. A credit card may have been traceable, which is why they would have forked over the cash to pay for the room. The last thing the agency/agents would want is unnecessary attention, which is what the lack of payment ultimately brought.

  27. Not me. I think people want to believe the intelligence/espionage story because it’s the most entertaining. But aspects of that explanation quickly fall apart upon scrutiny. We’re to believe that whichever organization she worked for somehow did not take care to cover the tab for a few days in a hotel and thus avoid suspicion/compromising of the mission? The absolute last thing an intelligence agency wants is unnecessary attention like was brought upon “Fairgate” for lack of payment.

  28. I mean if you were going for Vanishing Point towards the end of the film then success.

  29. Fixed it for you: Finally got her. An R/T. I love the damn thing

  30. Security and management is involved. I wonder if anyone looking for their lifestyle like sudden wealth or anything else.

  31. I have never believed the security guard’s story. He just happened to approach the room right as the gun went off? No. Unlikely.

  32. A local wheel and tire shop can sand it down and match the paint.

  33. any estimates on cost for this if you don’t mind me asking

  34. Just looked back at the invoice, Detroit Wheel and Tire. It was billed at one hour of labor so $175 out the door. That was April of 2021. Thankfully, I haven’t needed their services since.

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