1. Hannnah! Always ❤️ Not even a comparison imo

  2. This is such an iconic scene 😂🙌🏽 Love Hannah and Caleb’s relationship

  3. How did 52 people vote for Aria! I thought she was an incredible actress! Her scene on the chair lift with Ezra, iconic 🙌🏽

  4. I voted Alison. I think she was incredible at the start in her flashbacks but terrible when she came back in the later seasons imo

  5. I reckon Emily She would suit the back packing life style and be able to stay unnoticed imo

  6. Definitely agree with Hannah. She’s would do anything for her loved ones

  7. She was extremely judgemental throughout the show and cared a lot what other people thought

  8. She was extremely judgemental throughout the show and cared a lot what other people thought

  9. Brooke and Julian! Absolute favourite 😍😍

  10. I love all of these (at least before...well you know😂) but I went with Emily and Toby! They kind of just got forgotten after the first season or two, though Spoby was my favorite pairing.

  11. Yes I know.. 😂 Sad that platonic friendships are so rare now without them getting together, I think that’s why I love Emily & Toby so much! Yeah, sad that they weren’t in many scenes together in the later seasons :(

  12. I was tied between Toby & Emily and Aria & Holden. Ultimately chose the latter because I like how there was no creepiness or feelings at all. Pure platonic friendship. Very rare in shows

  13. Yess! That’s so true. I hate how a lot of shows have to ruin a good friendship making them get together. Sometimes the friendship is better than them getting together as a couple

  14. Not my girl Aria that’s for damn sure 😭

  15. I only didn’t like Ezra, but I really liked Jason, Jake and Liam. Did you not like any of them?

  16. Jason was part of that NAT club that took videos of underaged girls? Not quite at the level of Ezra creepy but really disgusting nonetheless.

  17. Ooh yeah that is true, I forgot about that! I think I was thinking of in the later seasons when him and Aria were together overseas

  18. I think Jordan was a great guy. And Hannah knew that, she felt terrible that she didn’t love him in the way that he deserved or that she wanted to. He just wasn’t the guy for Hannah. You can’t help how you feel, and it would have been forced and inauthentic if she stayed with him. They never had that undeniable, firework chemsitry that Hannah and Caleb had IMO.

  19. ‘You can’t help how you feel’ yet it’s you that’s always shitting on Spencer for catching feelings for Caleb?

  20. I think you can’t help how you feel but you can help whether you act on those feelings or not imo

  21. I feel like Alison had no right to ask that or the girls. And then was annoyed when Aria stood up for herself!?

  22. Omg yess!! I think it was a massive stuff up on the writers behalf. It added nothing to the show but cause drama and put strain on friendships (Hannah & Spencer, Toby & Caleb, Caleb & Spencer). It was just to fill time and was so obvious that Hannah & Caleb would end up back together. Was super uncomfortable to watch too, 0 chemsitry, I had to skip past there scenes together because it made me feel so uncomfortable. And so sad that they couldn’t see how uncomfortable Hannah was, it was so obvious. I lost a LOT of respect for Spencer when she did that to Hannah. And for Caleb when he did that to Toby. Was just so unnecessary, I try and forget that it happened 😂

  23. especially the scene where he’s upset that spencer told her friends about his mom. like dude get a grip.

  24. And when Spencer was kidnapped for 3 weeks and the first thing Toby says to her when she’s rescued is “it’s Andrew babe” 😂

  25. Plus he literally tried to kill Spencer in the steam room when he was working for A

  26. Her being in the show came of nowhere for me 😂

  27. Definitely either Hannah or Aria 😍

  28. Love that for you!!! 😍 I got my bf to start watching a little while ago and he is loving it too! On season 3!

  29. “How to do drugs and not get caught”

  30. “How to get my best friends boyfriend to fall in love with me”

  31. Sorry, just curious why you think she was mean? Spencer was the one who was a shitty friend 😂

  32. Omg yes I just watched this part and it is so bad 😂😂

  33. For the people who voted Ashley. I would really like to hear your reasoning because she is a fucking queen

  34. Definitely Pam! She was so judgemental and just an overall not nice person. I felt so bad for Emily when she felt like she couldn’t go to her with anything :( She went to Ashley for things over her Mum

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