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  1. It's 2023 and anyone who is getting on a plane to travel overseas for leisure has internet access. When an American travels to Europe and disrespects their customs everyone on this stupid site agrees they were the asshole for not knowing the local culture. But here we have some sort of two sided debate for some reason

  2. As an American, I know the is 20% the standard custom. As an American, this is a bullshit standard that I won’t even follow. Why would I expect a tourist to follow it?

  3. People just love going on the internet and bragging about being a cheap piece of shit lmao

  4. And then when it becomes 25% in another decade or two? And then when it becomes 30%? Ignorant fucks who just let the industry creep up the top percentage without questioning it.

  5. Honestly it looks to me like the guy knew it was a double hit to take the shot the way she did. That's why he hiked up on it in his attempt. Her shot was without a doubt a double hit, and I find it unlikely she's an expert because of that.

  6. Old dudes in pools hall trying to tell others, especially women, how to shoot is a common problem in every pool hall. This looks to be as simple as that.

  7. I'm just here to tell you they have a pill prep now and it is incredible. I've had like 15 colonoscopies and was never able to finish the liquid prep. I always threw up and it hurt and I felt awful. The pills were easy. And it completely cleaned me out. I feel like I have slight PTSD from the liquid prep. The pills are the way to go. It's called Sutab. I don't think insurance will pay for it and you have to sign shit saying you won't ask them to cover it or something like that. But it's only $50. Compared to the normal prep it's worth every penny. Anyways good luck and I hope this helps for next time!

  8. That’s what I’m using right now, but it was $60 for me with a coupon from my doctor. It was going to be over $200 without the coupon.

  9. I would have paid 200. I dunno maybe because I've had 2 resections so I don't have that much to clean out or was easier for me. But honestly for me to not have to drink that nasty shit and throw up everywhere it was so nice. I hope yours goes as well as mine did.

  10. I completely agree. Sutab has been super easy. I just wanted to let people know to get a coupon is it ends up being more expensive.

  11. Transplant here from out west: MD drivers are probably the most considerate and reasonable drivers I've ever seen. Utah drivers are irrational drivers who don't do head checks, California drivers are insane tailgaters and Idaho drivers either drive 10 below or block you out of lanes like they own the road. Many thanks to all you Maryland folk who apparently paid attention during drivers ed.

  12. You think Californian drivers are worse tailgaters? I lived there for 35 years and was shocked when I came to the DMV and experienced the tailgating. It’s almost like they teach it to people in driver’s ed.

  13. Make people pay to use public toilets

  14. Better than not having any public toilets.

  15. I like to give a thumbs up. I’ve found that it’s just condescending enough to have an impact.

  16. Just change it to Smiley Cyrus and call it your street name bro. Edit: I get it. her name is Miley from smiley originally. Got it. I got it.

  17. Isn’t that where the name Miley actually comes from?

  18. Not sure how this makes me understand what a kg is anymore than a 1L bottle of water

  19. It’s not intended to help people understand what a kilogram is. Saying a kilogram is 1 L of water relies on knowing the definition of a liter, which relies on another quantity. The idea with this sphere is that we can have an objective measure of a kilogram that doesn’t rely on other definitions. A kilogram is equivalent to the mass of a certain number of silicon atoms. By defining it this way, anyone is able to produce a kilogram with extreme precision instead of having to reference THE kilogram which exists in a vault that we don’t have access to.

  20. Anyone who plays games isn’t the prize they think they are

  21. He is the most complicated man ever. I mean, who says exactly what they’re thinking? What kind of game is that?

  22. How is a 30 min walk around my neighborhood better than playing fetch in the backyard for 30 min?

  23. They get a fuck tonne of stimulation from smells but regardless of that what a really stupid question. A human should be fine to run laps of the garden for exercise?

  24. Yeah, that’s what exercise is.

  25. It’s this or healthcare funded by taxpayers that lowers the quality of healthcare for everyone and increases wait times. Pick your poison.

  26. Same fucking rhetoric over and over, usually by those who haven’t experienced healthcare in other countries. Considering the ignorance of your statement, I’m going to guess that you have no clue as to the quality of the healthcare in other countries. I’m also not sure what fantasy world you’re comparing to because the quality of care in the US is pretty fucking atrocious. On top of that, we’re meant to gamble with our health by picking a plan that we think works for us only to find out that something isn’t covered. With every ailment we have to decide whether or not it’s worth the cost of a doctor visit or prescription. Then you wonder the whole year if you should switch plans and pay the higher premium, but what if you don’t use much of your coverage the following year? Then you just threw money away while your family struggles to make ends meet with the reduced budget. Fuck this system and fuck you for defending it.

  27. Pondy’s the coolest, man.

  28. 38. In Vegas for a conference. Vegas In your 30’s blows. Vegas with your friends blows. Vegas in general blows.

  29. Fast Car - Tracy Chapman. The lyrics are so moving and evocative. The vocal performance is great, and delivers those lyrics in such a believable, heartfelt way. And the guitar riff is unforgettable too. Perfection!

  30. I had this on repeat on my 40 min commute last week. That song does things to me.

  31. Adagio for Strings by Samuel Barber

  32. The Kármán line at 100km is a fairly agreed upon estimate.

  33. What I like about 100 km is that it’s place where two different fields independently agree that space begins. The Karman line is an aeronautic definition, but space physicists also define the space boundary at about 100 km based on composition. It’s about where the ionosphere begins and the mesosphere ends. As a physicist, I had never heard of the Karman line until somewhat recently, so it was interesting to learn that the what many people use to define the boundary for space is the same as what I knew it to be.

  34. True. I've seen American cops tase people for less.

  35. You think a white male conservative politician has any chance of being tased by the police during a traffic stop?

  36. I couldn't imagine being that skinny. I got down to 115lbs and realized bones hurt and I like my fluff a lot more I feel better being a little softer

  37. Jesus Christ, can we stop with the body shaming? Just because you can see some hip bones sticking out doesn’t mean anyone is anorexic, and if they were, then that’s even more reason to not body shame.

  38. That scene is the only thing I remember about Demolition Man

  39. Seems like the your own post answers your question.

  40. Even listening the the other episodes where he did the impression, he clearly leaves the room first and is the only person no involved in the conversation.

  41. They included a bunch of stuff from the LotR appendices to tie the two stories together more. I really like that extra stuff, but I wish they found a better way to do it. Stretching out The Hobbit story clearly didn’t work well.

  42. To add on to your comment about 2p games, on the other end, with Invaders from Afar you can play 7p, but you also learn that the game wasn’t really designed for that either. I think 4-5p is the sweet spot.

  43. I tend to think 5 is a bit busy and 3-4 is better, but it depends what you're going for. Bigger games tend to be more political and scrapping over useful space, with smaller more about engine building with plenty of space, and only really fighting for hexes/the factory at the end for stars and points.

  44. I played a Fenris campaign at 7p and we all regretted it. I guess 5p seems like an open world comparatively, but I don’t disagree that it’s still really busy.

  45. Some scenarios of Gloomhaven played out so much like an intense fantasy drama that I’ve considered finding someone who could turn it into something I can watch.

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