1. You linked a thread talking about 8 sq’ footprint. Op is asking about 4 SQ’.

  2. This is why we defoliate at day 21 and 42 of flower so the light can hit lower canopy

  3. Yes I water every day and before I water which always has nutes in it , I pre water it with just water and cal mag. This makes it so when you add the nute water it flushes water out of the bottom. You want like 15 percent water run off every time you water

  4. Almost looks like a reveg is there a light on it at night like a light pole near by

  5. I’d wait another week but hey who’s asking

  6. Been watering every few days. Yesterday I started a flush with pHd water and some pirranah. That pic was only 24 later today. She's been looking like this for a couple weeks now

  7. Humidity too low , light too close or bright , and deficiency with purple stems

  8. Moisture meter helped me out. 9%-12% moisture I recall being the range.

  9. Who’s the jerk the jeep or red car who decided to be a dick after the fact

  10. That shit is expensive too especially for common oils. I’m always looking for options though. May replicate their mix though.

  11. Promotes upward growth when done at correct times

  12. Great mush, an insult to king Kong however lol

  13. This is bs there’s like 5 posts about him being anti Semitic too

  14. Our beautiful almost 6 month old puppy! We were told he was a goldendoodle but so many people disagreed that we got an Embark DNA test… came back doodle! 81% poodle 19% golden retriever.

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