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  1. Pretty sure they used some sort of envelope filter pedal.

  2. I love my FedEx guy, cuz he's a dealer and doesn't even know it... And he's always on time.... Alright

  3. One time, when I was a kid, my cat was stuck up in a tree. My uncle said, "Have you ever seen a cat skeleton in a tree? He'll come down when he's ready".

  4. you shouldn't have to complain about surveillance if you drive correctly.

  5. There are a few houses that only order occasionally, with cool-ass dogs that they keep outside. I oftentimes have to deliver right across the street or next door to these dogs, who are always out.... I always stop and come say hi to them.... They see my van pulling up and start barking, then they recognize my face and do the the whole, bowing their head and madly wagging their tails thing... I stop, eventhough it's not my stop, to greet them and pet them... Totally lifts my spirits to see and pet them. One is always dirty as hell and I don't care. That's what wet wipes are for.

  6. Yoooooo on my route I saw this dude painting the grass and I was like Devolution 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. So overboard drop that shit and move on

  8. Lol... You mean you don't pull in peoples' trashcans and pick up their news papers and drop them off on their porches to be nice?

  9. If trash cans are in the middle of the driveway sometimes you have to run them over

  10. Lol, I call that, "love taps".... and then I say out loud, "Oops, sorry bout dat".

  11. They say they cant but surprise surprise they lie. I know one dsp guy that was a weirdo perv that would look at girls film and caught him doing so when I had to come back in early due to my app not letting me deliver.

  12. I know a woman who said, and showed me screenshots of the dispatch manager saying multiple times in Crew Chat PMs to just pee in a Big Gulp cup when she complained about no restrooms on a rural route, that Netradyne isn't watching and that they can't get video on request. I see the same dispatch guy at loadout, (he's married with kids), trying to sweet talk and touch and hug way younger female DA's every morning before loadout.... He's disgusting. He says we can't log into Flex before a certain time, but he's happy to show you your route.... "Just hop in my truck for a sec, I'll be happy to show you your route"..... it's always younger women who I see in his truck before loadout..... He makes me sick.

  13. Former smoker here. I used to smoke 6 packs a day. How I kept my job with all those smoke breaks I'll never know. But some kid like you started hanging out in the smoking area on breaks, but he never smoked. He'd lean against the wall real casual like with a massive lollipop in his mouth. Sometimes it was cherry, other times grape... even rainbow one time. But I couldn't shake the thought of how cool he looked with that confection on a stick hanging out of his mouth. I quit cold turkey and never went back.

  14. Love this record. Got to see them perform it live when they came through my city a while back and it was so sick. Such a unique performance, the players would swap instruments almost every song.

  15. Wtf? No way..... At stand-ups I'm the one in the very back shaking my head and waiting until it's over so I can log into Flex and check out my torture for the day... Who the fuck do you work for that wants you to do calisthenics? That is insane.

  16. Wtf?! Your vans turn off automatically in park?? Haha I guess I missed a few "stand-up" meetings over the past few weeks but that's new haha! 🤣

  17. I know the diesel Mercedes automatically cut off in park after 5, or 10 seconds, at least the ones at my other DSP did.... You can bypass it by cutting it off, opening the driver door a hair, then cutting it back on.

  18. Nothing worse than being on your last tote after a long day and it’s this shit.

  19. Holy shit! Lawyer up, man. Hope you're okay now. That's rough.

  20. I'm an Amazon driver, and there are several large bridges and roadways I have to traverse everyday. I am convinced the majority of the unnecessary traffic is caused by assholes who want to pass on the right-hand, or truck lane, but then they all funnel up at the end and try to cut back in at the last second..... It drives me crazy... I try not to road-rage but it's hard to when you know that's what's really going on.... Fucking entitled, impatient, assholes.

  21. 🎶"A him or a her, a he or a she, or whatever it may be... It's time for androdgeny, it's just Pat"🎶

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