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  1. 🎶"A him or a her, a he or a she, or whatever it may be... It's time for androdgeny, it's just Pat"🎶

  2. Garage deliveries can't be group stopped. I always try to keep an eye where the the next stop is, but even then, I always seem to have the same scenario each day... Also, I remember which stops have had garage deliveries and when I pull up, I double check my itinerary and see if the next stop is the same address.

  3. how will u respond tward ur gf's callous uncouth behavior?

  4. wE cArE AbOuT YoUr sAfEtY... I swear all they do is reduce your stop count by 15, but then add 25 more group stops.

  5. Every single time I've seen that message I've gotten more packages and more stops than in the days before.

  6. Every DSP is different. Most will overlook a positive for THC.

  7. In my view, it's about finding someone who has a solid character. Respectful, kind, honest, trustworthy, loyal, generous, fair. It's also about finding someone who has good communication and problem solving skills, and knows how to keep a relationship healthy.

  8. Febreeze... For real, some of these vans smell like old farts and pickle juice 🤮

  9. How many miles on those things? I think my DSP is just lucky and all our vans are fairly new. Less than 10k on everything. At my old DSP, we had a couple vans with more than 20k miles and those ones did stink

  10. Fucking cul de sacs, every fucking time! It doesn't help that the way the houses are numbered never makes any sense.

  11. Great point. They’re like evens, then odds and not even numbers next to each other. PICK A LANE cul de sacs!

  12. Yup... starting clockwise and going house to house, it will be 102, 113, 108, 104, 111, 106, 109, etc.

  13. There's a cool old movie called Countryman... The soundtrack for it has a lot of different roots reggae bands..... the movie is a cult classic and a fun watch.... Check out the album, though.

  14. Every first morel a person finds will be the largest they have ever found.

  15. Aside from my tinnitus driving me crazy, I hate the sound of leaf blowers, weedeaters and chainsaws.... The random up and down tones makes me anxious all over.

  16. Serious question... What is he experiencing and what is going through his mind and will he remember any if it afterwards?

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