1. Tuch, Krebs, Ostland, and still another prospect to come for Eichel. Amazing

  2. This isn't quite right, we gave Vegas our third round pick in 2023. So we get a slightly better prospect than we would've gotten. Still great though

  3. Some real meathead moments in here from Biz but overall it was wonderful hearing Kyle talk, clearly a lot of accumulated wisdom. Lovely to hear what he had to say about Dahlin, Samuelsson, Thompson, Mittelstadt, Quinn and Peterka

  4. Every time Dan Dunleavy is calling the game I hope Jokiharju does something because I love the way he says "YO-KEE-HAR-YOO." This has been my Dan Dunleavy contribution

  5. Lol that seems to be the consensus, they're doing much better lately

  6. They also have more to work with. The Sabres are a really fun team, which they haven't been in awhile

  7. Okposo was asked in his exit interview which player to watch out for next year and without a moment's hesitation he said Casey Mittelstadt. He has another level and I'm certain we're gonna see it

  8. That’s not 6th rounder, that’s “is mitts worth 6th overall”

  9. Ah, my mistake. That is much more vague. My heart says no but my brain says yes

  10. This is tough for me. I think we have yet to see Mitts' best, and to me he's the kind of home-grown talent that I want to keep around and fits our vision of the rebuild. Maybe 5th? Not sure. This is why I'm not GM!

  11. People acknowledging the existing of this show/manga makes me more than happy

  12. Me too! Really impactful show for me that seems to have entirely vanished from the public consciousness. Hope you're well, stranger

  13. I'm with you, man. When you have a hammer everything looks like a nail, but the way forward is just developing through the draft in a boring and unsexy way

  14. As a goaltender myself I never found the prima donna, puck hog forwards worth any consideration.

  15. I think she's saying he's mediocre at hockey, not that he's a bad kisser, which I'm actually MORE offended by

  16. Rooting hard for 6K. I hope he silences all of us idiots. Myself included.

  17. I've never heard UPL referred to as "6K" but I think it's fucking cool as hell

  18. I loved Miller he was a really good goaltender. With that being said if you retire all of the numbers of your really good players you won't have any numbers left. Hasek was great Miller was really good there's a big difference. Like I said I loved Miller I just don't think his jersey should he retired.

  19. The first iteration of Skinner Thompson Tuch was actually Skinner Cozens Tuch and it worked really well!

  20. All these lineups. We seriously aren’t gonna make a run on any FAs? We have the least money spent and a shit ton of picks. Let’s make some trades and spend some dough

  21. I think the idea is to pull out the pocketbook for defensemen and goalies

  22. Arguably the greatest empty-netter in Buffalo Sabres history

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