1. Not Midnights lavender editions are already sold out.. 😭

  2. This one was never sold out since 6 months ago, maybe the price for the pvc sleeve picdisc is the problem haha

  3. Hello, could you tell me how you made the link for the Shop app?

  4. Just canceled the unsigned copy and reordered this. Thank you.

  5. It’s only for UK, US. It’s still available to purchase , not sold out.

  6. It’s free when you purchase $50 or more on her store

  7. 363 left / free when you purchase $50 or more form the “PLAY collection”

  8. Why is this being repressed? Seems kind of random. It is a repress, right?

  9. Seems like some leftover stock, but this could be a repressed version for his upcoming new album. And.. there’s a high probability that this is just a glitch, as it’s often the case

  10. Also back up on South Korea UO. Just placed the order, but I’m also afraid this is just a glitch 🧐 Wondering how the 2016 product is in stock now

  11. How were you able to place an order?

  12. I’m living in South Korea, so I just entered my home address. Don’t sure they ship worldwide.

  13. It was 10$ cheaper last year when I purchased.. they increased the price Anyway it’s still good price

  14. Does anyone know if they accept the cancellation request?..

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