1. Who can we even contact about this? City council? Parks department? I’d really like to see more tickets for littering/dumping or at least hire more park employees. Even park rangers to educate others on the different wildlife and plant life??! That would be a dream.

  2. Charge a small fee. I know it sucks and we all want to be selfish and spend our money on ourselves, but $5-$10 to be there for the day can help prevent those who would litter from trashing the place. Parks should be available to everyone for free, but once a resource starts being misused and abused something has to be done or it won't be there anymore at all. The fee could help provide incentive for more rangers to dedicate their time. Unfortunately not many people can afford to live these days and do good deeds for free.

  3. While on the topic of garbage bread, you shouldn't even be feeding it to your family. Apparently anything grain, unless organic, is sprayed with glyphosate when growing. It inevitably gets into the product made with it. Has now been linked to all kinds of problems in digestive tracts, etc. If you look it up the EPA and FDA will say it's fine, but there are far more resources that debate that. Who even trusts the FDA anymore? You should be exposed directly to Rounup so how could it be okay to ingest in microscopic quantities over time?

  4. I have a long haired Jack Russell but he doesn’t shed hardly at all. We keep him trimmed up so he generally gets a haircut once or twice a month. I use this brush before and after grooming him.

  5. So sorry for the loss of your dear little friend. ❤

  6. Same! Our little guy does these huge yawns and let's put the cutest little high pitch noise at the end. Forever sounds like when he did it as a puppy! ❤

  7. YES!!! This just happened to me the other day.

  8. It is so easy to speculate on someone else's pain. I am so sorry you are hurting friend. Please know that while you may feel alone and in despair you are never truely alone. Without darkness we don't see the light. We lose gratitude and appreciation. I have found that the more I fight those low feelings the harder I end up falling in the end. One thing that has helped me in the past is to go into a room where I can be alone, sit with eyes closed and just let my mind open up to all of the things causing pain. Have a journal and pen on hand, and as the thoughts start to come in crashing waves, let the tears flow unapologetically, and just write them down. Do not sensor them. Just write. Then you pin (or pen... ; ] ) those thoughts to the paper so they can no longer float around in your sub conscious poisoning you.

  9. Brass Against with Sophia Urista covers Cherub Rock by Smashing Pumpkins. You won't regret listening, and the video is even better.

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