1. We only cover SPAC-related SEC filings, but our site Spactrax does this on Twitter at

  2. Shameless self-promotion-- there is also the free Spactrax calendar at:

  3. SBE hasn't set an official vote date yet (as of the date I am posting this anyway). There was a vote date published in an article a little while back, but that was either an estimate or something got changed/delayed.

  4. You could try joining the Spactrax Slack community:

  5. A free alternative is to join the Spactrax Slack community:

  6. SPACInsider is a good site, and they've been doing it for a long time.

  7. Shameless self-promotion: we keep track of the estimated unit split dates on our web site Spactrax:

  8. Ed from Spactrax here-- not sure about the others in this thread, but our team is made up of Gen Xers. So we don't care about desktop, mobile, or anything else. ;)

  9. You can check out the SPAC calendar on our site:

  10. There are a few online resources that track these events, some are free and some are subscription-based.

  11. On the free side, a plug for our own site:

  12. SpacTrax looks legit, thanks for sharing. I think this might be what I was looking for. Who are you and what is your business model?

  13. Thank you! In answer to your question, please check the reply above to

  14. I agree, those posts are super helpful!

  15. thanks a lot ! this is pretty useful ! It would be even more useful if you "enrich" you database with additional information about founders/managers experience and contacts

  16. Each SPAC profile has a "Team" tab that has detailed information about the management team of the SPAC, I'm not sure if that's what you're looking for?

  17. wow you are amazing! Have you been updating it everyday?

  18. Yes, the Spactrax database is updated multiple times per day as SEC filings are released.

  19. I would be curious as well. spactrak is good but would like a list that includes the full management team

  20. @spactrax it looks like the website doesn’t have the “Team” tab with mgmt team info filled out for any of them. I see “Team details are unavailable for this company.” am i missing something

  21. The team details load dynamically, maybe check any script blockers that you may have running? But each team is definitely filled out.

  22. What is the best resource / system to keep up to date on redemption and merger dates? I really don't have the time to check SEC every day of every SPAC with an announced deal to see if they filed a definitive proxy.

  23. There are a number of free online SPAC trackers such as:

  24. You can follow SpactraxAlerts on Twitter:

  25. We keep track of the separation dates (and other key dates) on our site:

  26. A plug for our own site & SPAC community:

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