1. I found long-distance easier when everything was fresh and we had a lot to share and talk about. We were very emotionally open when everything was new. It's more difficult now that our relationship is more established, ironically.

  2. I'm US and my partner is UK. We are currently hanging out in the same room, haha.

  3. My partner does not put down his social media usernames at all. It is my understanding that those questions are completely optional.

  4. When my partner asked to be official, it was a huge fluttery feeling. Overwhelming and big and enthusiastic. I felt like if I didn't say yes, it would be something I regretted for the rest of my life. I was all-in.

  5. My partner struggles with the same thing! It doesn't ruin my day when they admit it and tell me they miss me - if anything I find it reassuring, and I enjoy reassuring them in return. And they're always aware that they do WANT me to be happy, and I don't hold it against them that they're sad or feeling insecure. I also want them to be in the same place as me, after all.

  6. I don't know if anyone's mentioned it, but there are a lot of simple careers that don't require a degree. You could try a technical college or just get a job with a tradesman and be willing to learn. I've heard the trades (plumbing, welding, carpentry, all the kinds of things you can do either independently or working for someone else) are absolutely desperate for skilled workers. And all of those things are needed just as much if not more in rural areas as they are in urban ones.

  7. It sounds like you accidentally applied for a family visa on the fiancée route rather than a marriage visitor visa. They are two different things with two different requirements. The things they listed in your rejection sound more in line with the fiancée visa than marriage visitor visa. The only other thing I can think of with the marriage visitor visa is you have to send in proof of intent to marry - was that included? That may also be what they are referring to. Either that or home office made an error processing you as a fiancée visa applicant rather than marriage visitor.

  8. A Marriage Visitor Visa is a different thing - I got fantastic advise not to bother with the Fiance Visa bc it costs the same as the Spouse Visa and then you have to do the whole process over again after you're married. I don't want to live in the UK yet, I just want to marry the person I love and be able to travel between our two countries with less suspicion, and have our right to be together be protected.

  9. Being married but visiting each other won’t make any less suspicion at the border with visits. In fact, it could lend to more scrutiny because who wouldn’t want to continue to stay with their spouse? Thus an overstay risk. Again, thinking of this from border control perspective. And you’d still have to follow all the regular visitor guidelines. It doesn’t give you any new right to be together. Being married doesn’t change a thing if you live in different countries, it’s the resident visa in one country or the other that makes a difference - of which, of course, the family visa spouse route will require marriage anyway. But until you have that sort of visa, it won’t change the circumstances for visits.

  10. We are more seriously considering a residency visa for America now, at least for the time being while I'm working full-time and they're self-employed. Me being stable and having a job here will add more legitimacy to an application - I was just hoping to avoid it since K1s/CS1s are so involved. But one of my benefits is free legal advice, so I'm hopeful that if we can get married and I find a good lawyer, we can get through the process with a lot less stress and uncertainty.

  11. Thinking about what other people do for a living to make the whole world run sometimes makes my head explode, haha.

  12. Look further into public transportation options! There's usually at least a few in urban areas, and they really are so much cheaper than owning a car.

  13. My first meeting with my LDR was so amazing. We got to spend three weeks together at a friend's home in Florida and it felt like a honeymoon.

  14. As long as you haven't opened and quit the character three times or more after the crash, you should make a backup of your storage folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Starbound\storage), and then, in your non-backup copy, go to the player subsection and delete the .shipworld file of that character and remove the .bak# extension from the otherwise identically-named backup shipworlds so as to replace the .shipworld you just deleted. Which one you should remove the extension from depends on how many open-close cycles ago the crash happened. If it was one open-close ago, you should remove the .bak1 extension. If it was two, .bak2; if three, .bak3.

  15. It's literally been five years and this just happened to me so THANK YOU for the step by step instructions, and now I know what to do if this happens again in the future.

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