1. What a surprise! A politician not keeping their word!

  2. You surprised? I have yet to meet a republican that can argue "same sides" with any kind of seriousness.

  3. I’m specifically talking about US left wingers. What’s relevant to my country

  4. I don’t wanna keep talking about politics. I hope you aren’t upset. I just don’t wanna keep going.

  5. I'm not upset at all. I just believe your beliefs are baseless and based on bias. Republicans are actively attacking our rights...Women's right to choose, our right to vote, etc. Wake up

  6. We give this lady $175k per year to spew this trash and deny elections.

  7. What makes it so hard to even debate them is the sheer number of folks who just aren't educated and don't care to be informed.

  8. Proof that republicans are good at what they do. Obstruct and spread propaganda.

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