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  1. What the actual fuck is wrong with these people?! Taking a puppy from a homeless guy???!!

  2. Prison guard would be a lower stress job

  3. Anything is lower stress these days. Although as a prison guard I would be given anti-karen weapons as part of my company issued equipment so there's that...

  4. Was writing this last night at work & in a glacial rage- I'm afraid my writing skills were not at their best in that moment

  5. I wish more people were like your family. Your son is AWESOME! total hero i.m.o

  6. Good point. Either way great parents who raised a fine, well mannered young man who is confident enough to stand up to a bully. The other parents could learn a lot about human decency from that young man & maybe his parents would offer some tips on being a good mom or dad.

  7. So customer here that loves to read this sub. I’ve learned a lot for sure. Unfortunately I have no clue why someone would blame the front desk for a price. I guess some folks are either lacking in common sense or just plain assholes. We have a favorite hotel that we stay at when visiting our college kids. If it is move in, move out or parent’s weekend the price is going to be higher. We get that. If it is too high for my liking we stay somewhere else. Graduation week we did a VRBO because it was 5 nights and more cost effective and actually worked better for our needs. Next month for parents weekend we will stay in a new hotel a little further from campus because I forgot to book early. Why would I yell at anyone associated with the hotel? My fault. I still love staying there when possible but if I fail it’s on me. I’m not a frequent guest like a work traveler, maybe 20-30 nights a year in hotels/vacation rentals, but I have such good experiences with hospitality workers that I just can’t understand people that treat you all so poorly. Do people become super jaded that have to travel a great deal?

  8. I've noticed a DRASTIC increase in adult tantrums, screaming fits, & all manner of crazy since covid. In the before times I'd get maybe 1 karen a month, now if I get 2 or 3 per audit shift I'm grateful it was only 2 or 3.

  9. WTF no. Go to a brightly lit public area and contact someone. Stay where there are witnesses. Talking to a cop is dangerous for a lot of us.

  10. God I hate when they slam the phone down. It’s their last ditch attempt to get “revenge” and it just pierces into your soul

  11. My daughter took video of whatever this is. Was unable to post video on this sub so got a screen shot. Not the best quality I know but did my best.

  12. You have no idea the amount of rage I have reading this comment. Retail workers every where hate customers like you. So, the next time you're out some where being difficult, realize everyone you're interacting with despises you, and wants nothing more than for you to leave and never come back. You are a waste of our time and energy, go be annoying some where else.

  13. Why does anyone need a " friend" like that? Personally I'd rather have no friends than one like her. You did the right thing to ghost her. Views like hers are insidious poison- they infect everyone around them.

  14. God bless you and the Good Samaritan who.helped them. As you know, many these days think it's illegal to be down on your luck. I'm so distraught that these kids were exposed to.these nasty threats. Prayers for their success and healing. There's a reason social programs exist. Too many don't realize the soup kitchen lines in the 30's and the millions who lost everything. Not everyone has backup.

  15. I remember reading an article which said we working class people are all 3 paychecks away from being homeless.

  16. You did the right thing. You are correct. We are all vulnerable. We all need to take care of each other. God bless you.

  17. Thank you. Really tho all credit goes to the angel who arranged a tow truck ( thus invalidating the obstructing traffic threat) & repairs & arranged & paid for lodging ( thus invalidating the vargrancy complaint)

  18. My mil was a nurse, my fil a cop. They both SWORE that full moon increased e.r visits, violent crimes, domestic assaults, bar fights you name it. I've done n.a for many, many years. I dread working when the moon is full.

  19. I worked in an ER for almost a decade. I started keeping track and while still anecdotal, more months than not things were weirder around the full moon.

  20. I'm sorry sir. Seeing as the mosquito is not a member of staff, he must be a guest that you invited to your room. If you like I'll be more than happy to call the local PD and see about evicting your guest and yourself due to your disagreement.....

  21. Hey, SD has had 47 West Nile deaths in the last 10 years... not like the fake Covid.

  22. Now imagining the scene if some or all of the desks gave way and tipped over…

  23. Then krazy mom karen would be wailing, gnashing her teeth & demanding a manager & an attorney in that order.

  24. She would not call a doctor if the kid was injured as that might cost her money - but she would expect the hotel to comp her room for puting her 'little darling' in danger.

  25. The Threshers (old off licence/liquor store chain thats probably long gone) near me when I was a student had their storeroom door, customer facing may I add, papered with confiscated fake IDs. Man some were amazingly realistic and some...one that stands out in my memory is a black and white print out that has been cut out by hand, and not well!

  26. First of all, what a POS. Invading your privacy like that!

  27. Thank you! Tbh I post on reddit usually to vent when work stuff gets to be too much, it's incredibly cathartic writing about whatever is bothering me.

  28. Can you add 2 factor authorization? Some of my log ins send me a text to authenticate activity.

  29. "Sir, if this was a dream, you'd be hit by a train then hurled into the heart of the sun."

  30. A few weeks ago I was working a double ( of course). Around 7p.m a gst phoned f.d to request a new t.v remote as theirs wasn't working.

  31. Easy news story though. Drunk and belligerent lady causes thousands in damages due to no police response.

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