1. You spent $500 on a console without any idea of what game to play?

  2. Yes. I have progressive and it has progressively increased. Need to start shopping around again

  3. Yes. The office I was at had a gym in the building. Now that I work from home, there’s an anytime fitness a few minutes away so it’s always been easy to manage and keep that routine

  4. Life is too short to just have money sitting in the bank. Enjoy and have a great weekend of gaming :)

  5. oh yeah, the house that I'm living in had a towering oak tree like 3 feet from the front door when I bought it a few years ago. fantastic location, beautiful neighborhood but that tree scared off a lot of prospect buyers

  6. Wow, what a shame to cut down such an old and beautiful tree. A huge blow to the local ecosystem. It would have provided you so much shade and reduced your cooling costs as well.

  7. We had the freeze / snow storm in 2021 and several tree branches froze and collapsed onto people’s homes. I love trees but if that wasn’t removed, we could have been seriously injured and would have taken a piece out of our house.

  8. Yup. When I was 10, I installed my first 2400 bps modem and logged into my first BBS. Loved playing Legend of the Red Dragon. Violet was my first love 😝

  9. I have an idea for how to address it. Let’s do nothing and elect the same assholes.

  10. Resident Evil Village should keep you busy for the next 5 years

  11. Found a board game in a dumpster while taking out the trash, had all the pieces and was in great condition, sold it for $50 on eBay.

  12. You also have a 9se and the AX201 worked? What’s the difference between 200 and 201?

  13. This was 2 years ago and I don’t have the laptop anymore. Replacing then wireless card did fix my issues though

  14. Don’t buy it, just delete games you don’t play to make more space

  15. I give myself two 3 day weekends a month. On days off, video games, hang out with my friends family, watch anime, do house work, etc.

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