1. Geese Howard alone is worth the price of admission 😝

  2. Whatever they sell here ain’t tacos. Need to go to California for that /s

  3. Head of Sales here, as long as you hit your numbers, I don’t care.

  4. People don’t use their turn signals, speed and cut in front of others. I saw some douchebag trying to record a video while driving in his corvette swerving in traffic. What could go wrong…

  5. My parents owned washland that was in Harmon on Rt 16 in the 80s - 1997. Those who’ve been around the island around that time will probably know who I am or who my parents are lol. My dad moved his business stateside to open more coin operated laundromats through Southern California and ran those with my uncles until he passed away almost 10 years ago. They also wanted me and my brother to have easier access to universities.

  6. The mainstream update for some reason is now causing XC3 to crash when loading my saved game on the SteamDeck. Still working fine on my Windows PCs

  7. Man I love this answer. I picked up the phone yesterday and told the prospect, “hey, we both know you need to get this done and you’ve already verbally told me we’re moving forward. I don’t want to push you, but it’d be really helpful for me to get this signed by tomorrow for the quarter. Do you think that’s possible and is there anything I can do on my end to help with that? I can get you on a kick off call next week Monday or Tuesday, whatever is best for you.

  8. This right here. A good sales person will build a good enough relationship to be honest and up front to be able to have this conversation. This is why building and maintaining rapport from beginning to forever is extremely important. 90% chance your customer will come through for you

  9. Better question- anyone actually hitting quota?

  10. Yup! Making then spend the last of the fiscal budget… and then they have new budget starting Monday. Great time to be in federal sales :)

  11. 125% to quota as a team. Lowest performer is at 80%, top performer at 150%. When you anticipate a slow month / quarter, you need to change your strategy, messaging and add that extra hour or two of prospecting… or you can just say it’s the recession and not make your numbers.

  12. Even with all the modern onboard instruments that come with the car… people still can’t drive for shit

  13. We’ve been in a recession… just like any “slow” sales month - prospect more, add that extra hour a day if you can, build pipleline, have a firm understanding of who your ICP would be, change and improve your messaging on how your product/service will solve a problem they have.

  14. 2017, 2bd/2ba (1200 sq ft I think)for $1150 at Apartments at Stonelake. Moved out in 2020 after buying a house. Just me, wife and cat at the time.

  15. How do u like the Ed tech sector? I always see posts with SDR/BDRs talking about it like it's the plague. Truly curious because the field seems like it's a real need with the state of education but I can also see how the bureaucracy could become crushing?

  16. It was a nice change for me being in the telecom industry for 20+ years. And just like any other sales role, it has its challenges along with being highly competitive.

  17. Nice to hear. could u be a bit more specific about what made it a nice change. Was it the pressure/quotas, the client relations, product you believe in or just the success that you found along the way to VP.

  18. Went from a large company to a small company. So the culture shift was a nice change instead working for a stiff corporate enterprise company. Plus I’ve been doing telco for 2 decades and that started to get dull.

  19. When someone asks for the best sales advice, I always refer to this scene in 40 Year Old Virgin:

  20. lakeline needs to be updated or torn down. it looks like mall that's been on its last legs for the past 5+ years

  21. Update: The file with the odd file extension appears to be the file in progress of encoding. Original file is 39GB. Currently, the encoding-in-progress file is 135GB and still encoding. Even if this works, the encoded files appear to be ginormous (due to Apple Pro Res?).

  22. See if it works with when you select another file format

  23. Quick question: some people complain about ANC getting worse on the APP1 after the firmware updates, did you experience that problem?

  24. You know I never noticed that with my AirPods. Didn’t have that problem on my original AirPods Pro and the warranty replacement. I guess I got lucky

  25. But can you hear your wife yelling at you when you are peeing and listening to Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood while the babies crying and your air pods are in ANC mode?

  26. Apollo is a very good value. Helped me pull in over $2M in revenue just using it as a lead source.

  27. You can always just clean your windows so you can see the weather outside

  28. Torn between the end of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Cloud’s date with Aerith at gold saucer when watching the fireworks on in FF7

  29. I’m actually from Guam and my company teaches cybersecurity and certification courses.

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