1. Man i was wondering where all the fanart was (aside from twitter), i should frequent this sub more often lol, amazing job on this.

  2. Not surprising considering what Peter Turbo is.

  3. Right? I love how the "zombie apocalypse" only lasts like, one day, before the military regains control. How TF are zombies supposed to destroy a tank, or even just an APC?

  4. Hell even north korea would have no trouble containing a zombie infestation, in fact i'd say they'd be uh..too good at it.

  5. Thats not as bad as i initially imagined, certainly a whole lot better than this house smack dab in the middle of a parking lot lmao.

  6. Oh wow, and this is a genuine wow, this is like stuff you'd only see in Blade runner or Robocop.

  7. I play Mirage just to flex on others (and my own mental health).

  8. She didn't know it was a sword/key, all she knew was that Adar was the head honcho of the orcs and she needed to capture him for interrogation.

  9. I agree handing it to Theo was questionable, but i suppose it does show how much Arondir trusts Theo, tho in the end the sword got bait and switched anyway so that decision didn't bother me as much.

  10. This Durin is still just a prince, his fathers the king and isn't dead yet, so (at least for now) he can afford to be more lax about who he is.

  11. Valandil's promotion to lieutenant was well deserved, man was ferocious during the battle.

  12. So, how are they gonna explain how everyone survives that ash cloud, because that should be pretty darn fatal.

  13. Same reason Sam and Frodo are able to survive inside a volcano, plot armor.

  14. Ungoliant was on that list then it'd be her for sure, an absolute eldritch being.

  15. It’s driving me nuts. Who is he? Shouldn’t be Gandalf. Maybe Saruman? Radagast? Did Elrond’s dad trip and fall while carrying the morning star?

  16. The most widely accepted assumptions right now are that hes either Gandalf or one of the blue wizards.

  17. While i don't recall the details exactly it was said that Gil-Galad and Elendil both dueled Sauron together and took him down, also its to be noted that Fingolfin managed to wound Morgoth himself, Saurons master and the OG dark lord of Arda.

  18. I’m disappointed in the comments here. The fight scene is dreadful. As a person interested in both fencing (Olympic and historical) and Lotr, the choreography in this show is far and away the worst part about it for me and I’m sure many others like me. It’s definitely worth talking about. That said, it doesn’t ruin the show for me at all, it’s just one thing I don’t like. And not everyone is going to be as interested in, or even know how to spot, believable fight choreography, which I totally get.

  19. Too bad the battle of Winterfell missed this memo.

  20. Anyone else gonna start a new world and character when it drops? I know you don’t technically have to so long as you have unexplored Mistlands biomes, but something is so fun about starting from scratch

  21. I haven't played Valheim in months now so yes i will be starting from scratch.

  22. I'm not ashamed to admit I cried a little at seeing it. It has been far, far too long.

  23. Your not alone bud i almost teared up a little when Kira appeared.

  24. It felt so good seeing DS9 again, felt even better seeing Kira and Quark, wish we got to see Bashir too or Jake.

  25. ok, now I'm starting to see the validity in the claims that there are people going out of their way to hate on this show like it is their hobby.

  26. Also this is like such a minute detail compared to say, Eomers sword falling out if his scabbard on screen, or Jon Snows sword being made of rubber.

  27. Suuuuuuper improbable, rifles that were adopted in 2019 (so possibly manufactured new in 2018) losing their rifling waaaaaay before their service life has even begun makes little sense, that would mean that they are putting thousands upon thousands of rounds through those rifles in such a short amount of time, and I doubt the PLA is spending THAT much time in training when they don't even spend that much on their military budget

  28. Apparently i can still comment in this thread lol, but nah it was very likely they were using training rounds.

  29. Phase 4 isn't bad i think its just that we've reached a simmering point in the MCU for now where things start to slow down after endgame, phase 5 should hopefully pick up the pace.

  30. Cole wanted Harwin to beat him. It wouldn’t have made sense to fight back.

  31. Man had a shit eating grin after that he absolutely just baited Harwin like a sucker.

  32. With Harwin being dead, yea I’d give it to Cole but otherwise harwin would come out on top

  33. Harwin is strong and got the first hit in on cole, but in a straight duel with swords Cole would turn him into salami.

  34. Ent and Legolas, Shelob would just get literally stomped on by the ent as will the orcs, and legolas can just snipe the eagle and the oliphant.

  35. Malaysia, every citizen here actually knows english to some degree but not enough to say write a full length essay, tho that being said i still got to read The Hobbit and the original trio of books in english since my sister brought them back from her studying abroad in the UK.

  36. mhm, Raktajino was drunk so damn often on that show lmao.

  37. I haven't but i have started drinking coffee more often because of DS9 lol

  38. In the Silmarilion it states that dwarves were unrivaled in working with iron and steel, and particularly the making of chain mail.

  39. I see, i do wish we got to see more of dwarvish craftsmenship tho, they are the quntinssential crafting race after all.

  40. We see a mithril coat that's pretty much the ultimate defense.

  41. Really? guess thats on me for not reading the silmarillion, being able to withstand dragonfire is no small feat.

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