1. The problem with your line of thinking is that you think it will always get better.

  2. whats barb wire? like emas criss crossing?

  3. Same -- some traders in our Discord can't trade ES without Bookmap (I personally can't trade ES with it).

  4. /CL is crude futures. Aka oil. Aka saudi crude

  5. for fucks sake lets move on from the puljujarvi six year “experiment”. we’ve got a cup to win!!

  6. Yes who wants an elite defensive forward who can pitch in 50 points at 3 million

  7. Cool. I just needed to hear how you define things to know how to offer help. So this would be my advice to you.

  8. i feel like for this approach the close stop loss is key. the trade either works or it doesnt in pretty short order

  9. assuming it’s high limit and time and materials yes.

  10. blah blah blah nurse contract hate. We said the same thing about draisatls contract five years ago

  11. Love Draisaitl. Guy completely cracks me up. Scoots around straight legged for most of the game and I think, yeah, probably paid about right.

  12. Yeah - I love how he kind of coasts around with no knee bend on those skinny calves and you’re like this guy‘s fucking slacking again but then he casually knifes through a guy putting the puck through the triangle under his stick or casually snipes one from that faceoff dot

  13. For the top, I wear your run-of-the-mill Under Armor heat gear style short-sleeved t-shirt for the top. I am not picky about the brand, so I have plenty of generic ones. For bottoms, I mostly have Shock Doctor compressions-style jocks. I wear boxer briefs, so those are usually on underneath that. I used to wear Bauer tall thin socks. But I have found that I like a thicker sock. So I typically wear my old military wool boot socks when I play.

  14. interesting- why do you wear briefs under the shock doctor jocks? Not enough support? I do it without the briefs because it feels like I can breathe better down there but on the other hand maybe I’m not giving myself enough support.

  15. Stop the Puljujärvi ‘experiment’. Six years later and the guy still plays like he’s 5’2” playing no contact roller hockey.

  16. I find it remarkable how much time people spend in stickinpuck not skating and just standing around and shooting or doing specialized dangles. It’s like buddy if your in beer league it’s all about skating first you’re rarely going to be in a situation where you need to execute that highly specialized dangle or snipe you spent $15 for an hour to work on.

  17. Half the teams in my league it’s ridiculous

  18. Lot of roaches in the Durm. Just keep your garbage bagged and removed frequently. Keep things clean.

  19. I’d never seen a roach in my life until we moved here. I was so freaked out. I still find them unbelievably gross.

  20. So, you are one of those in-laws who marries into a family and tries to come between siblings. Not cool. That is her flesh and blood. You don't have to like him. She loves him. And they will always be siblings.

  21. not good advice. look - these people on here are trying to moralize you into submission. who cares if he is family. move your wife away from them and give her an interesting life. she'll forget about your BIL soon enough!

  22. I support as long as they are not a flames fan

  23. what I’ve learned is that in some sense you should be spending more time talking yourself out of a trade rather than talking yourself into a trade. Also realizing that you are paid for for the quality of your decisions not the hours of work that you put in.

  24. glad we’re ending the 6 year experiment with puliaravi and the “but he’s so young!” narrative.

  25. Came here for this. Biosteel uses Stevia is unsure if OP has an issue with that. Also, unsure if it’s just available outside Canada?

  26. I use a different electrolyte drink but it is also is based on Stevia. The problem with Gatorade zero is it has sucralose in it which I read is bad for you.

  27. Based on what I read below there could be a risk to inflammation and impact on healthy gut bacteria but I suppose it depends how much you are consuming.

  28. first one. Where in carolina are you playing?

  29. sister in law went there yesterday. told me its mainly for kids. but hey different strokes for different folks!

  30. Don’t downvote me, I’m not bringing this up to say I’m going to Pioneer instead but…I went to cocoa cinnamon for the first time a couple of weeks ago but the vibe was very unwelcoming and it’s really expensive with the mandatory 20% gratuity. I kept getting weird “you don’t belong here” looks from other customers there…

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