1. Anybody? But .. they have to be your girlfriend? That contradicts itself a lot, because that means nobody.

  2. Same! Sustainable happiness is success.

  3. My beehive and my garden. They need to be watered every morning. If I go away, they'll die.

  4. I'm a teenager, but I'm still trying to figure out why people my age are doing the tings they are.

  5. Our generation needs to grow some balls.

  6. Being killed by somebody I love.

  7. There was this big catfish I was reeling in, when the line got snagged and broke. I could literally see it and I had to watch it tauntingly swim away.

  8. Hello again! I remember you!!! >:D

  9. Confess to my sins and accept Jesus into my heart.

  10. I start abolishing laws, and make everyone more free.

  11. I completely value protectiveness. It's a big priority. Feeling safe with whoever I'm with is extremely important to me.

  12. I’m on the prowl for one at the moment 😒 lately have been mostly using my Xbox or a Nintendo switch when I do find time to game

  13. That sucks. I do wish you luck on your mission though!

  14. One will come around, they aren’t very popular where I’m at for some reason. Covid shorted everything from Xbox controllers to my personality so it’s a healing process for sure.

  15. I don’t understand how being depressed would make you want to kill children.

  16. Hmm, I've been in recovery for years, but at the time, I was constantly told by kids at school to kill myself and that I didn't even matter. I guess a part of me felt like I needed to prove them wrong. "They think I don't matter? I'll show them what matters." Is what went through my mind at the time.

  17. Thanks for explaining. I’m glad you had a change of heart. Do you think most of the kids who bring their guns to school do it as a retaliation to bullying?

  18. For me? It was mostly a result of neglect at home. Just going to school to deal with even more neglect made me a very hateful person.

  19. Ignore them. They want a reaction out of you. They're trying to get you to become violent. By getting aggressive and violent, you're only validating their views.

  20. I made eye contact with another customer and we both had the "what was that" "i dont know" moment and another lady asked if I was ok. I just didn't know how to react

  21. It doesn't matter what race you are, everyone can experience racism, and anybody can be a racist.

  22. Happiness. Sometimes I do get in arguments, but my overall goal here is to cheer people up.

  23. I am here for having happiness so ..thanks

  24. We strive to make your day just a little better! :D I hope your day is going very well.

  25. No boyfriend. But still, I have some input.

  26. Tell my mom she's been treating me poorly, that it's really been hurting my feelings and damaging me emotionally, and that I want to have a good relationship with her, like real mother and daughter.

  27. Pornography and caffeine. Both are completely legal, it's very sad that a lot of people don't recognize it as an addiction and never get help.

  28. I don't show my armpits on purpose. I only wear sleeveless in summer so I can't avoid exposing my armpits. Nothing wrong with my pits anyway, I shave.

  29. Same. I never do it intentionally, and I like to keep them very very clean.

  30. My bees and garden need to be watered.

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