1. Nah, they just flat out deleted the entire thread this time.

  2. Lots of 50+ year olds on that thread realising there’s a good chance they won’t see release.

  3. Many of them still think the game will release even after several decades they’re too stupid to realize it’s a scam

  4. Even if that is true, that is no reason to let them be together, cats get hunter impulses that will destroy this relationship regardless, and since we as humans aren't able to tell most of the time it's a constant risk. PLEASE DON'T PUT YOUR PREY AND PREDATOR PETS NEAR EACH OTHER

  5. Dude shut up. You’re like the animal pets version of Karen. It’s entirely possible for them to be raised together and coexist

  6. 25+ years in culinary, and lifelong hunter/angler? Yeah, I might know that mass-farmed chicken tastes terrible. You go on and keep shoveling it in though, thinking it's totally normal, and poking fun at anyone with the slightest experience, child. That seems to be working for you. 😚 My bad. Rough day. 🥲

  7. To be completely fair, it isn’t much different from any other hobby that people go full-bore into.

  8. At least WoW is a good game though. It’s actually immersive and has an exhaustive and ever growing lore with giant landmasses to explore thanks to all the expansions. SC is just trash. How does one escape into such trash?

  9. I think it supposedly ended up not being bird flu, but idk if that was just made up to try to take attention off the fact that every bird on that farm should have been culled, and they were making incredibly foolish safety decisions (especially with lack of PPE…).

  10. Number 2 is not as crackpot a theory now as it once would have been. I hope for backers sakes it turns out that way.

  11. It’s not possible for these incompetent idiots who can’t even code a proper inventory to develop on a new engine. Even if they could, their managers would ruin it anyway

  12. No worries. I'm probably done watching these shows for now, I've watched quite a lot of them recently and feel like I've watched most of the good ones (and there seems to be a lot of bad shows to filter out). I suppose this is my tiny swan song, passing the baton. I also left a comment on your other recommendations thread detailing all the shows that I liked, I only listed those that I enjoyed and were of a high standard.

  13. Jeez... giving up stuff like Battle through the heavens and Journey to immortality? Some of the best donghua i've ever seen. Makes DBZ look like an elementary school project.

  14. Someone said he sold his SC stocks. Is he about to bail?

  15. That stuff isn’t enforceable but it takes a lot of money to challenge it in court

  16. Congratulations. I hope you did wrong, since I’d really like this project to succeed, but I’m afraid we won’t live to see that.

  17. Yeah I think you might wanna realize their production system is completely broken. It’s literally impossible for them to produce a game even in 100 years.

  18. You know, it's because of obnoxious comments like this why as of late I'd even go as far as to wish that this project would fail misserably sooner than later.

  19. Well that and coding doesn’t work that way. You can’t maintain stability of code while adding broken features willy nilly for 10 years. It’s been clear for years this project has totally derailed and failed.

  20. 1 post karma, 31 comment karma in 296 days. Do you astroturfers ever feel shame that your version of survival in the world depends on cheating and lying to others? Why I s there a perpetual unwillingness to challenge yourself to make an honest living? or is this just you’re young, want some quick easy cash kind of thing? Do you think aiding and abetting a fraudster doesn’t have long term consequences on your mind?

  21. Its intentional as there were multiple "mistakes" with the same lie like you pointed out here. They know once people fall for the scam few will go through the hassle of refunding. Glad to see them getting roasted on spectrum until dickrider shows up. Every employee at CIG are complicit scumbags as its not like CR himself put the wrong info on the website.

  22. Really would not be hard for a consumer class action lawsuit to rake CIG over the coals over their total disregard of all consumer law.

  23. After the first shot the lion hadn't been scared off yet, dude that is one brave/scary lion.

  24. Maybe determined the guy wasn’t intending to shoot to kill

  25. Officially no, and I don’t think CIG has the project competence to port their already broken game code over to a new base. It would make far more sense to throw it out and start anew.

  26. The guy still posts on something awful’s SC thread sometimes. He didn’t vanish. He’s just not posting any new videos. I think he said he’s waiting on the Jesus tech to come out to criticize it or something but honestly he probably just moved on with his life or got bored. Sooo many good games out there to play.

  27. Thylbana Nyx and J3PT are marketing accounts. They never post on weekends or holidays.

  28. They do post on weekends. Iirc nyx has been around for 10 years and I don’t think anyone stays in marketing for that long. He/she just seems mentally deranged. J3PT as well. These kinds of scams attract the cognitively impaired and unhealthy like flies to light.

  29. You still have corporate suck ups mockingly replying “can I haz your ships?” in that thread. SC fans are the absolute worst.

  30. He’s so careful to slowly descend his head so the girl doesn’t get hurt. He’s intelligent and fully aware of his weight and the girl’s frailty. I think most ppl don’t realize how smart cows are.

  31. The same type of talk that's full of conjecture and assumptions yeah, for that you have this place that doesn't need a shred of evidence to give any theory antenna time, oh CR hasn't been on camera for a while "he fired, ran away with the money, etc", anything is possible!

  32. You are so slimy. It’s like listening to a demented used car salesman lie his way through an explanation of why this dirty broken down hunk of junk isn’t actually worthless. Idk how much you get paid but I sure hope it’s worth selling your soul for it

  33. The way they curate those forums is disgusting. Delete anything with merit and leave all the cheerleaders posts up even if they break the forum rules themselves. Only a positive narrative will emerge to keep new money misinformed. There's a group of them that spend 12 hours per day, everyday, supporting CIG. I find it hard to believe they aren't on payroll disguised as organic backers. Just like half the youtubers.

  34. All the Picard palms disappeared on holiday so yeah the white knights are probably paid by cig

  35. Well in one front we're still on a reality of them solving tech debt, the server mesh is the primary example of that, as servers showing a decreased performance every major patch as more gets added, is not surprising if they're not seeing new star systems as a priority rn.

  36. Dude the fact it’s been 11 years and “they’re not on a stage to create content” is incompetence. Which btw is pure nonsense since they claim to have lots of teams working on SQ42 content. Do you ever stop lying?

  37. "Why does it take a decade for a $1k+ ship to be made?"

  38. The amount of wasted man hours must be astronomical. Just look at what hobbyists are able to make in Creation Engine mods. A few dedicated devs can make huge worlds over a year or two. And CIG can’t make a single ship.

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