[OC] Frequency of compound insults (e.g. "poophead", "scumwad") in Reddit comments, organized by prefix and suffix

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  1. Make them felons so they can't vote. Disenfranchise the poor. -GOP

  2. Sex, if you don't count the relationship stuff as expensive

  3. Whales can jump higher than people and they don't even have feet.

  4. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he didn't exist.

  5. The only cow I was ever licked by had a tongue that was rough like a cat's.

  6. Back in the early 1990s there was a "new station" that iirc had some weird countdown days before they "went live."

  7. In Omaha? In Salt Lake in 1994, the best oldies station did the robot countdown for like a week, and when they came back on the air, it had become another country station. So many people at my high school were listening, you could hear loud groans all thru the halls. People were pissed about it lol.

  8. Yes Omaha and similar scenario, but I can't remember the genres.

  9. TN - 4 lines, one "phone subscription" ($15) $109 total

  10. Tricks for broadcast to make a group of background singers sound bigger. On an SQ-5.

  11. So quieter tracks are literally just getting compressed/limited to reach a loudness goal when using Spotify loud? I guess most people just use Normal, but it seems dumb to give people the option to trade sound quality for artificial loudness.

  12. Eh, sure the quality goes down, but if I'm jammin' to my Nokia, I might need the extra "boost" to hear that music over the cards in the spokes of my Hoveround.

  13. i dunno but i bet it would slide perfectly into one of those garbages in front of the stage ;)

  14. Lol. That bar is about 20 feet wide there. Right at the front. The stage is like a runway between the storefront and the beginning of "the longest bar in Nashville."

  15. Pan overheads 100%. Pan toms at 40%. Pan stereo keyboards at 100%. Pan high hat 100%. Pan stereo guitar amps at 100% percent. Pan everything from audience perspective. If you wanna get crazy, pan the right amp of one guitarist 4-6db louder and pan the left amp of the other guitarist 4-6db louder.

  16. Then I narrow the width of the output matrix and probably the subgroups, too.

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