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  1. Everyone that gets upgraded walks through a lineup and gets whipped with they belts

  2. It’s not it’s about whether there’s a real girl to get laid with

  3. Hmmm no. The caption is “update I’m playing it as cool as possible but this girl is a certified freak. Gentlemen I think I’ve found a keeper.” Not “I’m not sure if this is a real girl/does anyone know how to tell if this is a real girl”. So no, this post isn’t about trying to understand if this is a real person

  4. Yep, none of which you question if she’s real.

  5. A cool toned brown hair. Kinda like my roots in before picture

  6. Huh at my old salon a pink toned brown was a mushroom brown. I guess there’s different understandings and a picture def helps. But she defs fucked your hair!

  7. No sorry I’m happily taken in a monogamous relationship. Best of luck to you in the dating game tho!

  8. B12 and I take iron because of my heavy periods

  9. A pic with friends and a pic smiling. Also mention some hobbies or something- I’ve found in the past when I’m tossing up to swipe right or left to someone I check out if we have common ground/things to talk about etc. it can make or break it

  10. This kind of looks like eczema to me- definite look into it

  11. H&M have a recycling program where materials that can’t be salvaged get used for car interiors and stuff

  12. It’s not a mantra but I just imagine the bad thoughts coming from some seedy old misogynistic white man

  13. Love where pigs fly! My partner sponsors a cow there every year for my bday present

  14. I got through an entire tub of almond butter while vegan and was like “man this shit SLAPS! It tastes so creamy how did th-“ and then realised it contained milk for some fucking reason. Scarred. Never again.

  15. I tried using the blow dryer on cool the other day after seeing this and it took ages and still wasn’t fully dry so… I’d rather just not waste my time

  16. I got tested at the 4cyte drive thru at Raymond terrace on tuesday morning. I emailed them today at 2pm and had the results in 20 mins. Ive also heard if you say your a healthcare worker your results get rushed through.

  17. I am a health care worker so maybe I should have mentioned that 🤦🏻‍♀️

  18. I haven’t been well for about a week, tested negative on a PCR and then positive on a rapid test. The suspense is killing me with this second PCR because i actually don’t know whether it will be positive or not and I would just love to know whether im having a Christmas or not :(

  19. That’s so horrible. I’m so sorry you’re unwell and I have my fingers crossed for you that it’s not covid and you get a negative result soon ♥️

  20. Anyone know of anywhere open tomorrow? Everywhere closed early today

  21. However he said “you will need to go to either the uni or up the coast if you need it”. Hopefully that helps

  22. I’m pretty sure they are all closed tomorrow. I have a friend that works at them and he shared a photo of the open times of hunter region ones and they are all closed on the 24th of dec.

  23. I guess. Definitely sucks having to chose between a job I will enjoy/excel at and affording a house.

  24. Either a role helping people (currently in disability but finding it hard as I’m not helping people improve, just working with the same people as they get older and their medical problems stack up). Can’t go for a job in the police/corrections as I have a history of mental health issues. I have a fine arts diploma and currently studying arts x psychology to end up in art therapy but from what I’ve heard it’s not exactly a lucrative career path

  25. Some fun ones that you can participate in, including competitions at all ages: powerlifting (you choose your own weights for each attempt, so it's friendly to all), brazilian jiu jitsu (submission wrestling, has masters divisions and goes by skill level).

  26. Don’t think you can compete in bjj with glasses on

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