Girls, what’s the downside of being a female?

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  1. Yeah, I don't date felons and I'm not a single parent. I'll pass.

  2. Somebody can be a felon without “looking like a felon” or the whatever your intuition seems to be telling you. I don’t want to date felons either. If someone has like 3 DUIs or something then they’re probably not dangerous to me but they’d have to really blow me away otherwise and show they’ve changed a lot. My life isn’t terribly compatible to someone who can’t hold a drivers license and may be tens of thousands in debt because of that.

  3. Why were you arrested for? Was it for Domestic Violence? Was it for rape?

  4. Most places have online records searches that are available to the public for free. Making sure you’re not on a date with a sex offender or convicted felon (who may have a hard time finding work) isn’t a bad idea whether it’s a man or a woman.

  5. Is there a need for additional compliments? The only reason you want them is because you want to be approached. What else are you trying to achieve? It’s not to feel good about yourself. Being showered with Compliments does not help your self image.

  6. So this is the reason why women are more prone to being bisexual.

  7. This is 100% misogynistic heteronormative bullshit. In case you believe somehow 80% of the dudes who end up in prison are coincidentally gay. The “women are more bisexual” myth is laughably false. At college parties, in public, and somehow coincidentally in the view of straight men… Sure! But nearly 40% of men have a same sex sexual encounter to orgasm before age 24. Women are less than half this. We just have the tendency not to share this publicly.

  8. It’s amazing, I can’t believe what they’ve done with the supposedly “boring” states. All the beauty in Idaho (up 95 all the way to Sandpoint), and Wyoming and Montana is captured in detail. I know we talk about all the “boring” Great Plains states coming up. And on the interstate it probably is pretty boring, but I know all those states do have some amazing landmarks and scenery off the beaten path, so even Nebraska will look great.

  9. That "I'm a people person". Which is a massive lie.

  10. Body language. But an easy way for it to get through is just to lay a hand on me. Put your hand on my shoulder when you lean to talk to me, a little scratch or rub on the back. A hand on the thigh. Whatever, it can be very subtle. But if any of that happens I will take it from there.

  11. Walking home from work at night and being harassed or followed by men.

  12. Definitely a huge privilege of maleness that most don’t stop to appreciate. I travel alone a lot for work, as do the other people on my team, which is basically exclusively male. Venturing out in an unknown city, walking alone and going to grab dinner just isn’t something I have a single concern about.

  13. Todays stream was the first specific mention of US Route 66 and the Great Lakes as an eastbound destination before the more densely populated areas. Nothing specific but I found it that countered the conventional wisdom of going east to Louisiana from Texas.

  14. I will tell you on good authority if you are constantly asking “does this make me gay”, you’re gay.

  15. This option is already available. I know this one guy with 3 DUIs 8 kids with 5 moms, he don’t do shit.

  16. I don’t see this election as futile. I see a bad result in this election leading to all subsequent elections being futile. They are looking to meticulously capture power in some key offices that could overturn a result in 2024. In that case, it wouldn’t matter if Trump (or DeSantis) lost by 20.

  17. If some guy asks about your vaginal tightness, just ask him how small he would need it to be.

  18. I agree with this. As a young girl growing up, I hated that the women in commercials and tv sitcoms always had to be hot and sexy, while the men got to be dumb and lazy and still managed to be happy and get everything they wanted. And then as I went to college and started taking film and media classes, I started wondering why the men in commercials and TV sitcoms always had to be dumb and lazy, while the women got to be hot and sexy.

  19. So, honest question. Would you want the women to be portrayed as dumb, fat and lazy? I don’t think anyone would respond positively to that character.

  20. Kim Wexler (presumably). They’ve already killed off everyone else who isn’t in BB.

  21. Datamined have concluded that after Texas we should get a Great Plains pack with Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska.

  22. Those “data mines” are just the state specific assets. They’re all titled with a specific state so I really don’t think that points in a specific direction. They could be doing the three of them concurrently though they’d have to follow a cadence of having OK released first, KS 2nd and on up because of the connecting roads. Frankly I don’t think TX is all that close, Christmas if we’re lucky. It is an insanely complicated state. When that is done then that team can split and work on those two states to the north of OK. I’m guessing this MT group has already started on OK.

  23. Idk, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska would all be very samey to get one right after another, it would make more sense for them to release them as a pack instead of being like "Hey, here's a flat state with lots of fields, and heres another, and yet another."

  24. They all have a handful of landmarks and distinct scenery, cities and industries. I thought Idaho would be boring too.

  25. The woman at the bank asked me how my Monday was going. That was noteworthy.

  26. Football (American) games. Especially things like replay reviews and timeouts after kickoffs and change of possession. Sure, guys would get more tired and worn down late in the games but that would be part of the strategy.

  27. He’s probably just being friendly. It’s possible that he wants something more. If he wanted something more would you consider it?

  28. I can’t imagine what the appeal of dating a guy so ready and willing to both cheat on his SO and blowtorch his career simultaneously.

  29. Mentally ill people commit less crimes than 'mentally well' people do.

  30. GBMI isn’t is not “basically ok”, and many of the people in those situations are put into involuntary confinement for life. They’re hardly a cushy alternative the way most people view them.

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