1. Didn’t she keep stormi hidden for a few months too ? She’s probably doing the same for FKA Wolf

  2. The new one too ? Lol last time I checked she hadn’t reveal the name, I need to catch up

  3. Do you guys think Kanye has an archive of his old clothes like kim?

  4. Not Kim stealing her daughters hat to complete her unflattering look.

  5. I really wish she wouldn’t style her children. Like let them be ducking kids for fuck sake. That is definitely one thing I will give the other sisters over Kim. They look like kids. Not fucking fashion accessories.

  6. i promise you kim didn’t style North, North definitely has her own gothic style

  7. That may be true but she’s been styled since she was a baby. I don’t think at any point North has actually worn children’s clothing.

  8. north is exploring and wearing what she’s comfortable with. if this doesn’t seem like something a child (who mind you, has unlimited access to haute couture fashion) would wear then idk

  9. any chance you can id that accessory north n Kim are wearing?

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