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  1. Not only to prevent pregnancies, but also to prevent STI’s! The only conception that protects against all STI’s is a physical barrier such as a condom. BE SAFE.

  2. perhaps it’s the death of your previous self into the new person that you’re becoming, the person you were always meant to be

  3. i just finished the movie, and found this group because i wanted to share my thoughts about his role, so i’m going to under this post.

  4. the toddler does not regret it, that face says they would do it again 💀

  5. Looks like you little friend is having some issues, but in general it is now thought to be unhealthy to feed your dog a grain free diet. In the past few years it has come out that a grain free diet is a link to DCM, a type of heart disease in dogs. DCM is somewhat common in larger breeds, but with the rise in use of grain free brands it has started showing up with more regularity in smaller breeds like Boston terriers.

  6. I'm so sorry to hear that. It's never easy. I have just got a new Boston as mine passed away this year. She was hit by a car. My new little Boston is 2 and is a lot more snorty. So thinking about nare surgery

  7. i’m so sorry to hear that :( that must have been so traumatic. i’m happy to hear you have another to pour your love into <3

  8. he unfortunately passed away back in july, but his breathing was perfectly fine as he had gotten older and he had no troubles

  9. from what i’ve heard and read up on, only about .05% of trans people detransition, and when they do, it’s usually due to safety reasons or societal pressure.

  10. i’ve always heard the opposite, that they’re one of the smartest breeds! my pup was the most intelligent dog i’ve ever met, he was incredibly adaptable and could learn any trick in just a few minutes :)

  11. literally just about to comment this word for word 💀

  12. happy halloween to you and the pups both!! hopefully no tricks and plenty of treats <3

  13. i just don’t remind them, or say i’m not sure where they remember me from lol. most people who knew me pre-transition don’t even recognize me now, even though i’m not incredibly far along in my transition. i just let them pass by.

  14. omg these two have so much personality 💀 bam trying so hard to get her to move and pebbles not giving af LOL

  15. i can’t get over bam pushing his paw against her in the first two 😭

  16. oh my gosh, i am so sorry. i lost my pup very unexpectedly too, i know the pain you’re going through. that’s so traumatic. she was such a beautiful girl. please give yourself the time you need to grieve, we are all here for you <3

  17. I just read through your history to see what happened and I am absolutely devastated. I can’t even imagine what you went though, electing for surgery to help your angel live a better life and instead he ends up losing his life. Just awful. I am sure you gave him a wonderful life while he was still with you. My heart goes out to you.

  18. thought my worst outcome was a long recovery with an empty bank account, and i wish it was that way instead of the phone call i got that day.

  19. That picture of him biting the bone toy. So precious and expressive . So sorry for your loss.

  20. many of these pictures are one of a series of pictures i chose from. the one of him biting his bone is in a series of photos that also includes him winking haha, he was always so much fun to take photos of <3

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