1. Let me tell you something love. The devil can’t touch you, so he attacks your mind. He has no power over you, so he tries to scare you. You are a child of GOD. As in the creator of the universe and everything in it. The devil attacks his enemies, and an enemy of the devil is apart of God’s kingdom. You’re under attack because of God’s love for you. God has a plan for you and your life, and I believe you’ll accomplish great things through Christ. The devil wants to scare you, stop you, and break you down so you never walk into the calling that God has on your life. The devil can’t touch you, pray to your Heavenly Father. We do not wrestle against flesh and blood, and we fight in spiritual warfare by obeying Christ. Read your Bible like you need oxygen to breathe, and pray and fast constantly. You’re training your spirit, and drawing near to God. I’ll pray for you <3

  2. How are women “forced” into these roles?

  3. Bro that feminist you were replying to as 0 brain cells

  4. Y12 I probably did 6 hours a week. Y13 I did nothing until 1 week before the first exam. Totally depends on you. Don't look at how many hours, just check you're understanding as you go along.

  5. Kid called me a retard ass mother fucker. I told him I knew already.

  6. Can't be with a man if they have a better ass than us but at the same time, can't be with a man with no ass 😞

  7. Wait… if his is bigger is that really a deal breaker 😞

  8. i labeled as a feminist, i guess i just saw it as "woo women's rights! equal rights!" and left it at that, but growing up and seeing the way feminism is now spread on the media, it feels very problematic and aggressive, examples being the kill all men shit and that "men are not needed in society"

  9. Biggest killer or men under 45 in the U.K. is suicide. Just think on that for awhile. This ain’t a back water country, it’s the 5th/6th biggest economy in the world. This should be headline news everyday, but it’s ignored.

  10. Do you think this suicide issue to linked to the objectification of women and men having an issue of dominating?

  11. No its definitely because of workload and societal unwillingness to hear their issues. Korea has a very work oriented society and one with very traditional gender roles. Those 2 factors simply make men depressed and want to kill themselves more.

  12. Bro my comment was the toxic narrative my feminist teacher instilled in my class.

  13. So what term should we use to refer to the toxic expectations for men?

  14. That’s the point, no such thing exists because it’s toxic.

  15. LOL I feel like men's asses are better on their butts and not on their shoulders.

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