1. As a former goalie, no thanks. I wore the standard square hole cage instead of the cats eye my whole life, and it strictly because it's way safer. Plus with thinner bars it looks like there may be more room around the eyes for sticks and pucks to get through

  2. I was more interested in the idea that he's using YouTube to find an audience for his product, develop testers and advocates, etc.

  3. No, I have no affiliation, I just thought it was an interesting approach to gaining support for his project.

  4. I once got a dime bag from a guy named Chase. It turned out to be oregano.

  5. I've got a 2001 330xi (automatic) in Chicago. I'm the second owner.

  6. There's usually a clause in the rental agreement that says not to go to these towns - and there are HUGE red signs saying "don't go here".

  7. Thanks for the answers, I think I get the gist of this, lol.

  8. I'm going to step out of line and glom on to what

  9. That's a lot of science to explain that your idea of 'good news' doesn't match mine.

  10. Are you surprised by this? That software can point out 'this makes profit' or 'this loses money'?

  11. Will the bulk corrosion material be corrosive? Do I need to worry about safety Beyond the normal? I don't usually deal with strong acids. Makes me a little nervous.

  12. I think he was upset/stressed (someone just tried to blow up a bus in his town) and was reacting to the complicated reality of their geography. Not as unreasonable as it sounds.

  13. Remember when companies offered vacation pay? Those were the days...

  14. Have you considered adding car type analysis to determine how many cars of which type pass by? Inquiring minds want to know.

  15. This is a pretty cool suggestion actually. Most of the time it’s not super interesting. Occasionally passenger trains, lot of box cars, stacked containers, rocks/sand, oil etc. Coolest thing that I have seen go by was a train with miles of military equipment—trucks, tracked vehicles, artillery.

  16. I work near a major rail yard and see miles of train every day. Those military trains are for sure the most interesting - the box cars, crude cars and car cars get boring.

  17. Are they going to also revoke the liquor licenses of theaters that allow someone under 18 to see an R rated movie with their parents?

  18. Am I in the minority here where I don't want Puerto Rico to score here?

  19. I hear you. It could come back to haunt them in a tiebreaker.

  20. I can't imagine how any experience as a professional baseball player worse than to be at the short end of a perfect game.

  21. Gotta support the majority. Unless you don't have another place to play, then wait until at least 10u.

  22. Ha ha! Broken arm, concussion, scars. American health insurance.

  23. That's like a hippopotamus rolled out into a snake shape.

  24. I don't know - I'm on America watching on cable TV.

  25. There's an Israeli Baseball team? A legue even?. Time to work the old YT magic.

  26. Well, there are a lot of youth leagues; many Americans have the idea of bringing baseball to Israel. There are probably adult recreational-level leagues (baseball and softball) in most cities - there are Americans everywhere - but I don't have details.

  27. I once went a few hundred miles on a couple of dying batteries (push starting) in my Type II, but ultimately came to a sad stop on a lonely strech of Highway 70.

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