1. I was wondering what prefecture is equal to Ohio of Japan?

  2. That sucks--Aomori is one of my absolute favorite places in Japan. Try not to let it get you down on the place.

  3. I think the B part is very difficult to achieve no matter the country is lmao

  4. I'm not denying you experienced what you experienced, and I have certainly seen the rare "no foreigners" sign on some joint I wouldn't want to go into anyway, but I have never been turned away from a restaurant because I was a foreigner once in over 34 years living here.

  5. This. I have seen many Gaijins not giving a f about appearance and smells like shit. Not assuming that OP is one, but sometimes the problem isn’t racism but the individual themselves. Or the OP’s Japanese was too good and he thought there would be a Japanese person coming over but saw a gaijin instead, that happens too sadly.

  6. Isn’t Singapore more safer than Tokyo?

  7. No one is from Tokyo, the majority migrated from Tohoku got a bit sophisticated and they started calling out others. While Osakans are truly city people

  8. As someone who’s lived half of his life in Sendai, I can say Tohoku ppl are a-holes. I have more friends in Osaka than in Miyagi lmao.

  9. I agree it is heinous but I’ve heard of it. Neighbor got sent to Shanghai once with about two weeks notice, large bank.

  10. Dude really got sent to a different country? 💀

  11. The majority of Japanese women I met think watching tv and scrolling on their phone is a genuine hobby.

  12. I have a classmate with the same exact hobby. She doesn’t even wanna explore her country. Lmao.

  13. I did a quick whip around work and the general consensus is that people will just continue to wear masks.

  14. Yeah and the reason is not even Covid. They will do that to hide faces from others. Japanese lack confidence. Covid did them worse.

  15. Bro TsuPro must make this into reality!

  16. Guy walking around Osaka with a life sized anime girl doll in a wheelchair with a marriage certificate to that character displayed as well

  17. Is that the guy who married a character named Miku? He’s all over YouTube again these days.

  18. Surprisingly it wasn't him, he was a totally different guy but married the same character

  19. Someone I knew didn't know how to say "no thanks" to receiving the レジ袋 (plastic bag) at convenience store, so he would instead walk 10 minutes to "his favorite" convenience store where they didn't offer the bags by default.

  20. I think I will not stop laughing for a week

  21. Did you steal this story from one of Richaddo's skits? He has a skit detailing this exact scenario🤔

  22. Plot Twist: Richard stole his story.

  23. Final episode Supreme rise is something else.

  24. Overall, definitely the Trigger Movie. The things I don’t like about Decker movie was:

  25. After 10 years consecutive living in Japan I fell lonely. I can speak fluent japanese but I am introvert and stutter.

  26. Same. Maybe 12 years in total which nearly accounts for half of my life. Fluent Japanese. Not exactly an introvert but there’s still some shyness in me, but the region in which I live is more shyer than me, either that or the xenophobia here is more as compared to other parts of Japan.

  27. Anyone know which episode where haruki says that he have 3 Ultraman medals?

  28. Oh I see, you mean in the episodes re-uploaded by TsuPro? I haven’t watched again except maybe for the final episodes tho.

  29. Dyna and Future Timeline remains the most awkward part of Decker’s plot, as an abandoned plot thread, lol. I wonder if they had planned something else initially but ended deciding not to because…the china controversy.

  30. Exactly. We miss Decker Asumi Ossan.

  31. 8.5 was a bit high for me, the movie was pretty lacking for it to reach 8 (Very Good)

  32. Yeah, action scenes were good but definitely there was this lacking to the story except thay Dyna flashback was good. Also, they should have included Asumi Decker somewhere, I miss him. No Miracle or Strong type, sad.

  33. We have a 13 year old grammar nazi here lmao. Wow dude, impressive achievement. You should be awarded an Oscar!

  34. Osaka is the best place to live in Japan. Cheaper than Tokyo, not much as crowded as Tokyo. Everyone is friendly and welcoming. If Tokyo is hell then Osaka is a heaven as compared to that.

  35. Paki here, I heard it’s a racist slur used by British against the Pakistanis who live in Britain. Saying Paki is like saying 外人instead of 外国人, but the words he used before saying Paki is definitely racist.

  36. Isn’t gyukaku like 3-4k yen per person?

  37. Minimum connecting time between JAL groups flights at Haneda is atleast 25 minutes. Meanwhile, for non JAL groups, it’s atleast 50 minutes.

  38. Thanks for the info! I'll definitely have at least 50 minutes

  39. The funniest part is I learned this at my Aviation school recently 笑 Glad the knowledge I gained is of use to someone now :)

  40. I used my health insurance card! You can’t use a 在留カード. I met my fiancé on pairs. It was a really good experience in case anyone is thinking about trying it. I only went on three dates, but all of the guys were very polite and put together.

  41. Is Pairs specifically for people who are looking to get married very soon? I might wanna use it but I am still too young to get married tho

  42. The fact that Japan and the US are allies still boggles my mind.

  43. Or Japan’s security is controlled by US? Because that’s what they agreed upon after WW2? Anyways, the US should leave Japan, and let Japan defend itself. US should also leave other countries as they are nothing but a nuisance.

  44. Weebs keep posting this thinking japan as a victim of world war 2. No. They are the offender and the worst one at that. They killed much more people than Nazi. They committed much worse war crimes than Nazi. The difference between japan and germany is germany didn't hide anything what nazi did and they teach that in public schools. Japan on the other hand, constantly hide what they have done, and teach japanese people as japan is a victim of world war 2 just like this post. There were so many propaganda anime in the 80s projecting themselves as atomic bombing victims. Also they've been worshiping war criminals. You know, those ex-nazi war criminals are still being hunted down right now, 2023. If you don't believe anything I say, just ask any japanese what they know about world war 2. Nothing. Weebs are just as bad as those japanese right wingers.

  45. As a foreigner who has lived many years in Japan, I can agree to this. They claim themselves as victims. I first used to agree to it as a child but when I studied history it wasn’t like that. Also, Japanese people are very overrated, they are xenophobic asf and it’s very hard to make friends here.

  46. Yeah, just replace the Ultra brothers with New Gen ultras, I hope it would be atleast 40 episodes if they went with this route.

  47. and why doesn't X and gingas ultraman voices talk now it's only their host

  48. Tbh, their original voice are better. Petition to separate Hikaru and Daichi from their respective Ultras. They ruin the originality. Hikaru should return to Misuzu, and Daichi should live his life as a scientist.

  49. like tiga and dyna though i guess decker is asumi child from future gave him the power of decker so not that similar to dyna

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