1. One of the flaws of having Tiga in your form, you might develop a case of Daigone. It's rare but never impossible to get.

  2. Orb casually trying to transform into Specium Zeperion. Notices that Tiga medal is missing.

  3. Look at the bright side: we have so many evil-tramans so far but one and only Juggler. He is unique in his own way as an antihero although he doesn't have the power of Ultraman.

  4. Yeah and almost all evil Ultraman got killed. Juggler is atleast, still alive.

  5. Imagine if tsurugi's suit actor is actually blind and uses his senses alone

  6. Ngl Tsurugi seemed blind by his actions

  7. I see. I can read Japanese so yeah it could be anything XD by the pronunciation it can be Geyser, Gayser, Geizar, but one thing is confirmed, it will end in -er

  8. I remember that episode had atomic bomb shenanigans going on. It was a blast, Showa shows just hit differently.

  9. We need Phoneix Brave with the sword back in UGF. maybe Ace could hand him his sword.

  10. I’m guessing that part of the reason you are in Japan is to learn about the culture? So take this as lesson. You are reading far to much into it.

  11. Hm, I have already lived half of life in my Japan, so I do have an idea about most of the cultural things here but as I am still young, this was something which happened for the first time and I did not have an idea about this.

  12. My classmates are all girls and they would rather wear pants than skirts because of cold. I am the only boy in my class :p

  13. 専門学校, it’s actually in one of the biggest cities but the field is aviation (ground staff) but in Japan, it’s a more female dominated field as compared to the other countries.

  14. Well Japan maybe insanely racist but the problem you described isn’t even close to being racist.

  15. That was really a good comeback during childhood. But now the times have changed and rather it seems like a lame excuse that you can’t take people’s opinions and it rather shows your arrogance.

  16. I would like to know which Earth is that? It’s definitely not the Earth shown in Orb series. Is it completely new one?

  17. Not a Japanese word, but there’s this University called ‘LUND University’ in Sweden. LUND literally means ‘dick’ in Urdu and Hindi. It was hilarious when they visited our high school back home, lmao.

  18. My theory is that the host is Decker Asumi's daughter, turning into something of a situation like Daigo's son being unable to fully utilize Tiga. (however one obvious flaw with this theory is that it doesn't explain how Kanata is able to use Decker without any trouble.)

  19. Dinas maybe similar to Orb Origin the first

  20. I feel your pain, Japanese commentary on international sports, and soccer in particular, is absolutely terrible, especially for anything involving the Japanese team. I've been using a VPN to watch the streams from SBS in Australia.

  21. Washlets and Conbinis and Safety. That’s it.

  22. I don’t believe that is the only reason they don’t rent to foreigners.

  23. They think they will cause trouble to others and create noise pollution.

  24. What I Hate About Ginga and X now is that they aren't interacting with others but rather their human hosts are interacting with others.

  25. Yeah, specially X, Daichi’s voice doesn’t suit him

  26. God... now i understand why you guys hate Zearth in this..

  27. Exactly, Zearth should have had the experience now. And by the looks of it, Nice is also strong. But TsuPro chose to make fun of Nice so that he can’t do enough and in the end Grigio shines. Lmao.

  28. I guess Neos had a kissing scene, so which makes Nexus and Neos the only Ultra series to have kissing scene? + the final odyssey movie?

  29. Pretty sure Dyna is absolutely showing up because Murayama Yuuka (Ichika) literally posted this on her

  30. So Ichika is Tom Holland of Ultra series?

  31. Dynamic is not yet nerfed guys calm down.

  32. It has to be nerfed if Dyna makes an appearance , or in the final episodes.

  33. Mother Spheresaurus has got to be one of the best kaiju suits created. Gives me destroyah vibes from Godzilla. It's also soooo big. Tsuburaya is I would say, currently the best monster suit designers in the toku industry. Although they they don't make as much profit as other ongoing toku series and don't have much money to crank out a new suit every episode, their new designs never fail to look cool.

  34. Is Mother Spheresauraus the final enemy of Decker?

  35. Considering how popular Ultraman is, I'm sure another fighting game is only a matter of time.

  36. It’s been many years tho.. Although there was some childish games released on Nintendo but obviously those weren’t good enough.

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