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Air flow dynamics at Lake Baikal

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  1. My yoga buddy!!!! 51 and I started late December. Been doing 2-3 classes a week. Same thing - couldn’t reach past mid shin, now I can touch my toes (after a couple tries)! Pants getting looser and arms are getting more sculpted. I struggle to get through all poses for an entire class but I’m happy to work at it. Namaste!

  2. The original post has hundreds of comments about survivor, like "put her on survivor" etc.

  3. Accidentally catching something is such a cool experience. I’ve done it once and I’ll never forget it lol

  4. Ever accidentally catch a chicken select with your mouth?

  5. I want to see the hinges that beast of a frame is hung on.

  6. So basically the Smokey Mountains / Appalachia

  7. Sure did. His brother Jazz took the direct route

  8. This photo is fake. The sides are parallel and the lines are perfectly straight... There is no way...


  10. It's being harvested to be used as the material for ice sculptures

  11. Would it not be easier to make big ice trays and leave them outside?

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