1. So your logic is they would try and turn it over since that would work in their favor?

  2. Need another ) in your wiki link after "comic"

  3. It's an idea, but I doubt that Fëanaro signed off on that. If the Valar wanted him to do it, they shouldn't have given away his gems, kept him imprisoned, or refused the Eldar the Right to return to Middle Earth.

  4. The whole point of his redemption would be that he would finally release them willingly, after spending 10000 years in Mandos thinking about what he did wrong

  5. I thought I remember learning in school that long chips were bad. Too long meant something bad and too short meant something else bad. Gotta Goldilocks yer chips, mate.

  6. The one built for sprinting to catch the one built for marathons

  7. There were 2 lions it seems. One was chasing it around while the second one came out of nowhere and attacked it

  8. Edit: huh, so lion after all. Thought those 6 pixels were a cheetah

  9. I believe most boa's have teeth like this, teeth to catch you, noodle to crush you.

  10. Not usually near this intense. These have evolved to live high in the canopy and hunt birds, and needs super long teeth to punch through feathers to hold on

  11. Cause it didn’t Google it. It created what it thought would be a controversy in a racing event

  12. Especially because it was only trained on a dataset from like, 2018.... It has no idea what actually happened

  13. I want to say Creed, but his mysteriousness is what makes his character so good

  14. They could absolutely make more nonsense storylines for him that maintain the mystery.

  15. Michael is objectively a horrible person, but he gets a pass because the writing for the character and Steve's acting are just perfect, and because he went to Pam's art show.

  16. I sometime struggle to watch episodes because I hate the character so much. Phyllis' wedding springs to mind. The fact that he can't not be the center of attention drives me insane.

  17. I loathe that episode, and I hate that the show redeemed him with him "finding" Uncle Al.

  18. Every time, even though I know it doesnt happen, I want Bob Vance, Vance refrigeration, to just punch his square in the face.

  19. I've heard about this RDRE, it's a cool concept but I've seen very few details on performance. Does anyone have a number for its specific impulse? Has it been tested in vacuum yet?

  20. Early calculations for solid core engines could be as high as 800-1000 seconds using hydrogen as the propellant.

  21. Many manufacturers have rust and corrosion warranties longer than the powertrain

  22. Thought that was only for body panels. They can't guarantee undercarriage when you drive on salty roads or gravel all the time

  23. Then tell him it's pretty common for rent to be 100 bucks short every month until it's fixed

  24. Arwen, as well as Elladan and Elrohir, are born of incest. Elrond married Celebrian who’s Galadriel’s daughter. Galadriel’s father is Finarfin, brother of Fingolfin - Elrond’s great great grandfather

  25. There are likely less generations between the First Age elves.... It's what has to mathematically happen when you just create a species from 6 individuals. Also elves were designed to be created that way, so incest likely has no effect on their health/genetics

  26. Thats what, 5 generations difference? I wouldnt call that incest. Same goes for Arwen and Aragorn are "cousins" but like 48 generations later or something.

  27. It’s a form of calcuim-aluminum garnet with trace amounts of metallic vanadium (extremely rare) and/or chromium (not as rare, but not common) creating the green tint. Found in primarily Tanzania and Madagascar, so not Middle Eastern in any way.

  28. A famous jeweler (I think) once said that if Tsavorite had been found before emerald, nobody would have ever given a shit about emerald. Tsavorite is harder, greener, easier to cut, and more chemically resistant.

  29. When the thing you're selling is necessary for living and there are limited forms of delivery, there's not even a way to make it a business. Then we get to eat the shit cuz regulation bad

  30. If it's necessary for living, they shouldn't be just allowed to decide prices are going to exponentially grow during the time they are needed most.

  31. I think that’s because they are still recouping the excessive gas cost prices from the severe cold snap two years ago unfortunately

  32. Yup. Unregulated energy trading during 1 day means we all have to pay a few hundred more bucks per year

  33. Because I find it amusing that people still believe we're just one more court hearing, or one more company saying they're looking into using ripple technology, or one more bank committing to it at some point, before xrp goes to the moon and suddenly we'll all be millionaires and billionaires.

  34. And did any of them have experience with mithril smithing? No, because it didn't exist yet.

  35. That's not true at all. Mithril was found and crafted in Valinor long before the Noldor ever got to Middle Earth

  36. Eh I still think its lazy writing. Celebrimbor was thousands of years old and learned his craft from someone who had learned it from the literal god of smithing and crafting.

  37. If metal detectors are a thing, I imagine radioactivity detectors are a thing.

  38. Just drive down the road with a Geiger counter

  39. So we're supposed to be transitioning to EV's and the government has created credits for EV's where the vehicle and/or batteries are created in the US, but we're not supposed to do any mining in the US? Do we expect someone to invent a process to pull the essential lithium, cobalt, manganese, nickel, and graphite (as defined in the Energy Act of 2020) out of the air? I mean, I get it, it's the Boundary Waters, but if we can't reduce our dependency on carbon products due to a shortage of critical materials, what happens then?

  40. We shouldn't be doing any mining that uses incredible amount of water within in spitting distance of an extremely delicate watershed

  41. You cannot simultaneously support wind/solar/electrification and play NIMBY with precious metals mining. Why? Physics.

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