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  1. Real anxiety is really bad. It sometimes makes you feel like you’re dying. I’ve been to the emergency room many times because I thought my heart was stopping. It’s completely debilitating sometimes. It gets thrown around these days because people conflate it with different emotions like stress or nervousness. In reality it’s completely different.

  2. I will try that, right now it’s says I’ve entered the wrong code too many times and need to wait, and none of them have been wrong. Maybe in a few days from another network. I’ve also read it’s worked for people who furiously hit the submit key repeatedly it just magically opened.

  3. I’m experiencing the same issue. Lmk if you find a solution

  4. Does it ask to send it to a email or number?

  5. Did you find a solution? Experiencing the same issue

  6. Having the same issue for over 24 hours. Keeps asking for 6 digit security code. Can't get passed that screen. Even when I do get a code texted to me, nothing happens. So fucking infuriating.

  7. R2am says:

    Same damn issue. I had 2FA and backup codes and none of the back up codes worked. Even after getting the text with the numbers it wouldn't let me in and errored out and now it just won't send me the texts. 😡

  8. The codes aren’t working for me as well. Did you resolve the issue? If so, how?

  9. likewise, purchased the C19 longtail ebike from sobowo. i was able to customise the bike to my liking through direct contact with the supplier through the alibaba app. delivery can be expensive but im based in the UK. Ordered end of August 2021 and delivered in March 2022. delays were due to Cvd19 and the chinese new year. compared to the cost of a basic ebike purchased in the UK, I got an amazing deal and overall, aside from the delivery delay, i am impressed with the whole experience. well packaged with minimal time required to build the bike ( handlebars, front wheel and seat).

  10. I’m pretty sure they’re the “double knee twill work pant”

  11. Yeah sure that’s fine but it’s a really stupid and overly dumbed down way of judging people. All British or French people aren’t the same. So it doesn’t really make any sense.

  12. Don’t contact her at all. If she tries to contact you, at least wait a month before you say anything back. Go grind in life. Work out, look good, get your money right, get a better looking girl. That’s the best revenge you will get here.

  13. Even if there was legal recourse for this, would you even want it? I sometimes think I'd prefer to be denied so that I don't have to deal with such a landlord.

  14. No I wouldn’t want it. Maybe a blessing in disguise.

  15. Yeah, it’s unfortunate. I didn’t think this was still a thing. Naive I guess. The owner is reallllly old to be fair.

  16. Whenever someone says that this juice, or exercise, or sauna, or whatever "removes toxins", I simply ask, "which ones?" If they can't name one, or provide some kind of mechanism of toxin removal that is better than the liver/kidneys we already use, then I know that they're just bullshitting people for money.

  17. Is the phrasing the issue? As in “removing toxins”? Because certain juices are healthy right? Exercising and going in the sauna are good for you and can rejuvenate your body right?

  18. Saisho wa guu (rock) jyanken pon. We only say first is rock.

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