1. For a real answer, you're going to have to be more specific. Which ideals are you talking about?

  2. Capitalism is the world dominant form of economic organization, it’s self perpetuating with or without Us involvement

  3. Sure, I’m fine with that opinion. But why does the US give a shit is my question.

  4. Is the United States to blame for the Middle East? Depends on what you mean. Definitely heavily involved, and arguably the primary reason why Israel can militarily defend itself. But not really the cause of the conflict.

  5. Thanks for your answer. The US has provided weapons on countless occasions to the wrong hands. They also have been involved in overthrowing governments and implementing governments that they could more easily control. Even encouraging Suddam hussein to use chemical weapons against Iranian civilians. I can understand to some extent that many regions in the Middle East were bound for chaos due to some of the reasons you mentioned. But would you not say that the US played a major role in the destabilization of the Middle East?

  6. Dr. Phil. He takes advantage of mentally I’ll people for money.

  7. Exactly. He exploits children and their problems for money.

  8. Although it’s nothing to compare, I believe Nazi germany was worse. The difference is that japan didn’t have intention to annihilate or irradicate a whole race or nationality as the nazis did. Japan had capabilities of biological warfare but they didn’t use it. Because they had envisioned China as a partner in the GEACS (greater east Asia co prosperity sphere) a partnering of nations in east Asia. Hitler envisioned a wipe out of whole nations and races. Japan had it’s own idea of superiority but it was not the eradicationism or antisemitism that existed in Germany.

  9. Exactly. You didn’t see Germans stabbing little babies with their bayonets and lifting the poor babies in the air like some type of trophy.

  10. Lmao that’s from a Chinese propaganda movie.

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