1. As someone who is saving myself for marriage because of my faith…I even cringed

  2. 2nd generation bachelorette. How old are Trista and Ryan's kids? One of them whenever they hit 22.

  3. So from my understanding OperationStopCPS is not Qanon related at all.

  4. I’m just saying the #savethechildren hashtag WAS started from Qanon places. But they were able to get others to join this movement over the last several years, not knowing where it started or why (and often having other reasons for it)

  5. Of course it is. Because the only people who deserve to have children taken away are us liberals, gay couples, anybody who isn’t Baptist, and other minorities. /s

  6. They think that there are secret democrat/Hollywood sex cabal and trafficking rings that are kidnapping, eating, and killing babies (for real)

  7. I can’t believe they edited out a whole date AGAIN.

  8. The last group date--they took out the daytime part and cut straight to the after-party.

  9. Ew Farrah’s reaction faces. Get her AND the cameras out of there

  10. Can someone who read it tell me what happened with Rachel so I don’t have to?

  11. Nothing clear. The interviewer said Rachel and Zach discussed politics and religion and then asked if that influenced how Zach approach his Bachelor relationships (paraphrasing).

  12. Really not much. But I’m instantly turn off if I hear Christina’s voice. Nope can’t do it anymore. Other than that, I’m not a fan of traditional design so that was a instant turn off but as I’ve gotten older, I’m more open to at least seeing the trends in mixing traditional material and fabrics with modern, contemporary styles.

  13. I can’t decide if this will ramp up the maci/mack feud or if it will make them form a bond

  14. Now that the MTV money is gone Mack wants to move on. It’s been 30 weeks since that post he wrote on was posted. That’s 210 days, 5040 hours, 302400 minutes and 18144000 seconds if anyone was wondering.

  15. As a Christian, I continue to be deeply troubled by so many linking their faith to anti-vax lies and conspiracies.

  16. If I were the producers and ABC, I’d be more concerned with losing the 18-49 demo to other shows that are on at the same time. The Bachelor was the only program last night that had such a drastic loss in viewers. Other shows saw an *increase* in the demo.

  17. Sorry, but tying for the #1 spot is pretty good. This isn't the jab he thinks it is.

  18. It still tied for the highest rating of the night in the demo. So...no, it's not getting canceled.

  19. I’m all for doing this—I do it as well—but I think it’s weird to post it.

  20. If mtv wanted to make me care, they would find a way to get Farrah or Jenelle back 🙃

  21. Why do the befores look like Chelsea’s old houses ☠️

  22. They have the same amount of commercials but load them all at the end with short segments in between. The View spaces them out more evenly.

  23. INSANE. They charging $7.99 at my location. Still some sucker will buy them.

  24. They are actually good IMO but would be better if they were boneless

  25. The Sun is trash and loves to make articles about nothing. Every show has abysmal ratings these days. There is no way ABC is ready to let go one of the few things people actually watch on the network.

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