1. oh it was a total of 773 times for me and i got her on 6/26/2021 :,)

  2. I'm so glad someone else agrees. I genuinely was left with a bad taste in my mouth after every song, personally. Every other album was genuinely amazing (Kids is last out of those personally but it's not the worst) and this one genuinely left me in a bad mood. I know it's a bit extreme, but as a longtime listener, it was a bit disappointing to listen to. Heroes is definitely their worst album for me as well.

  3. I had that really bad, but mainly because it was my last night in the US before I moved to the UK, so it really was like my last goodbye. :,)

  4. Have they been playing the It’s Only VIP edit at every stop? How did I miss that?

  5. tbh it was more just a remixed version of a moment apart if anything

  6. As a Mexican, I'd join anyone in wearing a stereotypical Mexican outfit, that sounds amazing.

  7. Bro, they removed the fucking mexican Mario from the mario odyssey cover, all to please the sjw getting made on our behalf, meanwhile we were fucking excited to have a Mexican Mario on the cover.

  8. Bro I exclusively wore the Mexican Mario outfit the entire time I played that game, that's actually so messed up (I am Mexican btw).

  9. Old Odesza makes me feel a floaty feeling, just straight bliss. I like their new music, but their old music just hits different ❤️

  10. The problem is that a lot of the content people ask for have already been added into the game. Shiki Taishou’s domains, the combat event in the Chasm, etc. But the content isn’t permanent.

  11. the only issue i see brought up about that is the huge file size that comes with leaving things permanent, which really sucks.

  12. It does suck, but in general most of that space is taken up by like, GAA-sized regions and audio files and such. Permanent domain content doesn’t need either.

  13. i would give anything for this and not every other character on that banner (cough jean c3 cough)

  14. Kinda hope it isn't soon, would really wanna get Kokomi and(or) Nilou but only have 100 pulls atm.

  15. i'm guaranteed but i've been dying for kokomi for ages :,)

  16. Porter Robinson’s shows have so much heart too! Let’s all reminisce on Shelter for a moment ❤️

  17. so far porter's show was my absolute favourite!! i wonder if odesza can top it 👀

  18. Imo, characters like Klee and albedo can be added to standard as well

  19. the thing is, they can't add limited characters to the standard banner because it would be considered false advertising for those limited characters. so when a new geo character comes out, it could just be on the standard banner instead of a limited character.

  20. Are you sure? What exactly did your letter say.

  21. It says my application was successful and my passport already has a vignette in it, which it isn't. It also talks about my BRP which I have to pick up when it gets there. That's really it.

  22. You should contact your university rather UKVI and explain that you (somehow) didn’t send in your application but were granted a visa. The UKVI contact system is not going to be helpful.

  23. I'm waiting for a reply from my university. I sent out an email this morning, so hopefully I should hear back later this week. Thank you very much.

  24. i always attend concerts alone, i even booked odesza for just me, and i LOVE going to concerts by myself! i end up making friends and having a lot of fun to just be myself. it's definitely worth it.

  25. Crop top sweatshirts were $75. Got one and it’s super cozy!

  26. did you get it at the venue itself? because i'd sure love one of those

  27. Yess I did! The pop up lineup was insane but they had lots of stock after the show at the venue

  28. oh amazing!!! thanks so much. is there a way you can dm a picture? i just wanna budget since i'm moving soon :,)

  29. This is a controversial opinion but personally I’d prefer Odesza sets without Bronson. Totally respect Bronson for what it is but personally speaking the Bronson moments really broke the immersion/Odesza vibes for me at the show. With a 1.5 hour set they can only play so much and Id rather they mix in more of their own songs from Remixes/In Return/My Friends Never Die. That being said I truly believe Odesza are live performance masters, have so much respect for their art and mean no hate, just adding to the discussion here with other fans.

  30. i would even say they should play more of summers gone since it was their first album 10 years ago, but it is what it is

  31. If you think the t shirt merch is low effort, you should look at the "vip merch box" people have been getting.

  32. oh no, what is it because i got that package and i'm going to see them in september

  33. It a disposable camera, pin set (2 pins), and a poster. Someone in an earlier post had a picture of what they got. I got tickets for September too. I went all out and bought the meet and greet/vip merch Packages. I figured with how expensive the tickets were we would get at least one good thing to get signed out of the deal. If it had just been for me I would have never even tried to justify spending that much on tickets but we named our daughter Odesza and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, for me at least, to get face to face with them and get something really special signed from them to give to her when she's older.

  34. oh god i see. that merch set was defo not worth $167 then, i'm really disappointed. thanks for letting me know.

  35. i call my mexican friend a beaner and he calls me a donkey fucker (colombian) it’s all love

  36. all of my latino friends call me (mexican) a beaner and depending on where they're from is whatever i call them. it's our form of a greeting for some reason lmao

  37. It crashes here too. Been trying every 'solution' nothing works.

  38. Exactly, like I'm not really sure what to do because I'm kind of sick of the crashing.

  39. I had problems with Spotify just randomly closing. After 5-10 songs it would just close. Uninstalling and reinstalling fixed it.

  40. I did that though and it didn't fix it. That's why I'm confused on what to do.

  41. Ah, thank you! I generally go with a form first, then I try adding more color and shadows and then change the form a little bit! Hope it'll help!

  42. that definitely helps, thank you! may i ask about the colouring as well? it's something i've always wanted to do! :D

  43. I usually pick my favorite colors for pieces like that! You can always pick something you like and experiment with the color! For example, I love deep blue, so I make grey purple shadows to bring the blue more! (≧▽≦)

  44. thank you so much! again, absolutely incredible artwork. you definitely earned a follower on twitter, and i look forward to seeing more of your work!

  45. I remember they removed Spotify DMs many years ago, but yeah it used to be a thing where you could send songs and messages to your friends on Spotify. I have no idea why they removed it.

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