1. Yeah that one was the biggest red flag for me. What, is she supposed to be photographer and DJ as well?

  2. You mean to tell me that a plant with THAT MANY sharp angles and hard lines is a WOMAN? Nuh-uh buddy! It doesn’t even have flowers, and every plant with flowers is a GIRL and every plant without is a MAN!!!!! /s

  3. Surface to Air Heat seeking Missile. Hope that helps bud.

  4. SMH another Surface to Air Heat seeking Missile falls prey to third wave radical feminism 😔 what a sad state this country is in

  5. Reasonably sure that’s illegal lol. You can’t deny your employees lunch

  6. We are allowed to go on a lunch break (mandatory 30 daily) but we can not bring or cook personal food. We must buy food from the Cafe or eat left overs from food rushes

  7. Yeah no that is absolutely bullshit. Step one is to ask to get it in writing

  8. I get the munchies so bad that I will eat anything not nailed down. I will literally eat myself sick. I envy you 🥲

  9. Love that his only concern with random hook ups is pregnancy lol. STIs? What are those?

  10. Yes, toilet water IS water. Nobody said it was potable? Pond water is water too? And sewer water, ocean water, septic water… IS THIS DUDE DRINKING FROM EVERY SOURCE HE SEES??

  11. “I don’t care if other people have dyed hair, but I can’t reconcile MYSELF having dyed hair.” = fine

  12. I hope you keep that same energy with tattoos. “SMH it’s so dangerous, and for WHAT? So you like how you look a little better? So selfish, so unnecessary! All that only for themselves. Nothing badass about that.”

  13. I was about to say lol… this isn’t stealing a joke from 2010, this IS the joke from 2010

  14. Wow, thanks for the thoughtful comment. I'm tracking this stuff daily, and I finally have enough stable data to confidently say that 1100 is the magic number which consistently creates weight loss every day I stick to the 1100. 1400 seems to be my maintenance limit, anything over that and I gain overnight every time. I have not tried taking body measurements! On days when I have done a lot of heavy lifting at work, or a big workout, or am just genuinely starving - I respect my body and try to give it the thing it clearly needs (usually protein, healthy fats, or leafy greens) but I haven't tried specifically eating at maintenance and slowly decreasing. Thanks again!

  15. I’d like to second the comment about daily weigh-ins being an inaccurate measure of success. I very frequently fluctuate ~5 whole pounds from day to day, but I’ve learned that it doesn’t mean much in the long run. Continue to weigh yourself daily, but look at how your average weight changes either weekly or monthly. I feel reasonably confident that you can up your intake and still lose weight if you look at the big picture rather than the individual points of data

  16. “Also, there is no way a racist/Nazi/Klan can run an indie comedy show that pulls in millions of views every upload. It simply isn’t feasible due to the collaboration and people skills needed.”

  17. I am bleeding though, may be self inflicted but still

  18. Oh man, I felt this. Why do my emotions have to manifest so violently as gastrointestinal distress?

  19. Omg what store?? Any chance it’s a franchise that might be in my state? Lol

  20. Personality splitting? Just say no! Headmates cannot legally form without your permission /s

  21. Out of context, I got a notification from Reddit about a post that said “the ocean is ten calories” and it threw me for such a loop in a hilarious way

  22. “There is no chance of infection… so no need to use a condom” I can think of at LEAST four things wrong with this one statement 🤢

  23. Well hi there, fellow EDNOS friend! It’s rough, for sure 🙃 I’m the same but opposite. I’ve struggled with binge/emotional eating my whole life, so I “””recover””” into very rigid restriction, then “””recover””” again into binging, then just cycle back and forth between the two endlessly, feeling neither healthy nor accomplished :/

  24. Is there any way to rename this sub from "lossedits" to "FourRandomPanels"?

  25. Yeah that ain’t loss, there’s only one figure in the last two panels :/

  26. I am in LOVE with these tbh! Nightmarish to use? No doubt, but GORGEOUS nonetheless

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