1. Man, I'm reading a lot of comments here and can tell they're coming from people who have never had a significant other in their life or even a kid.

  2. You quickly realize that you can't offset being a bitch with good looks.

  3. I stay 100ft away from schools like I'm told. Trying to be a law-abiding citizen here.

  4. 22 in my opinion is old. Think of it this way: being 22 and having no relationship experience is exactly equivalent to someone that is 22 and doesnt know how to drive and doesnt have a license.

  5. And your opinion is completely wrong. You're 22 with literally zero life experience. Barely have a working life, probably haven't finished school, probably have never had a full time job, probably don't drive or have a license. Do you really think you've got a realistic assessment of life when you have no experience?

  6. She looked me in the eyes and do that leg cross move from Basic Instinct.

  7. Those small circular holes in the stalls of shady washrooms are NOT for peeking.

  8. Didn't use enough chloroform.

  9. Your bed might not be level. That one corner that's all mangled might need to be adjusted.

  10. So do I need to lower or raise that corner? Also how do I lower the speed at the beginning

  11. It looks like that corner might be to be raised a bit but keep in mind you should check the entire bed after adjusting any one side.You don't have to reprint the entire benchy. Just make a small adjustment and watch the initial 2-3 layers go down. If something screws up, stop the print, make whatever adjustment you need to, and try again.

  12. It all depends on what your model looks like. If you have the stl You can insert pauses to pause the print for filament changes. Or if you want you can try printing the text separately and just gluing it on.

  13. If there is no positive alternative then whatever course of action these men are offering must be the best solution.

  14. Your problem is with Reddit in general. It creates echo chambers. Mods being able to "moderate at their own discretion" means every subreddit will have some sort of bias and people will get weeded out, creating an echo chamber. There's a good chance you'll get banned from any subreddit if you post something a mod doesn't like.

  15. Slow down your print speed for the first layer or 2.

  16. Your problem is with Reddit in general. Any subreddit that is allowed to "moderate at their own discretion" (which is a huge chunk of subreddits whether they state it or not) is going to create echochambers. This isn't solely a

  17. I tell myself I would but I know IRL I probably wouldn't.

  18. Can you elaborate on how dirt on the axis rods causes something like that?

  19. There is a brass connector that connects your stepper motor to the axis. If dirt gets caught in there then it could cause shifts in axis, whether that's your bed or the nozzle depending on your model. It's a bit hard to explain and easier if you see it in action. It's just one thing to look out for when you see shifts consistently at the same height on your prints.

  20. Your axis rods might have some dirt in them.

  21. Bro, for $1 billion you're going to give me your testicle whether you like it or not... All y'all are gonna be missing testicles when this is over.

  22. Where would a billionaire keep all these testicles. I’m scared but also intrigued.

  23. Hey I don't ask questions. I'm just the bill collector.

  24. Every game is coop if you plug in a second controller and convince them it's 2 player. Yea man, I just finished The Last Of Us the other weekend. GF played as Ellie the entire game...

  25. Baby, my friendzone is open to all the ladies. Step right up.

  26. You missed a big point the previous commenter made. One small concession will only lead to more in the near future. That's what happened with Crimea. Russia would feel invulnerable if they receive concessions and take that as a greenlight to continue fucking with whoever they want. It's either draw a line, or let them do whatever they want. If they choose to escalate to nuclear weapons, that's on them. And will lead to Russia being obliterated off the face of the earth. No one wants nuclear war.

  27. I said it in another post but Putin is not threatening Ukraine with nukes. Putin is threatening NATOs involvement with nukes. Since Ukraine is not a NATO nation, does NATO have a right to defend Ukraine? Putin already admit that Russia would lose in a war against NATO. So has NATO declared war on Russia if they are supplying and assisting Ukraine? Does Russia have a right to defend itself against NATO? Is NATO the world police regardless of a nation's membership status?

  28. Using a single offensive nuke will be the end of Russia and Putin knows it. No other act would be as effective at uniting the entire world against Russia.

  29. You're missing some key facts though.

  30. The raft is default on the software I'm using. I didn't know if it's good or bad to have

  31. Have you printed the calibration cube yet? Normally you should start with a benchy and a cube. Those 2 prints help benchmark your printer.

  32. I haven't. I did print the test dog, then the 'Mech print I did before that one turned out well.

  33. I mean, maybe everything's fine and this was a freak accident. Failed prints happen sometimes.

  34. I start punching people. Seems to help.

  35. Ads for more porn that you pay for? It’s like having free hookers and saying they are free because they sell ads for hookers at the brothel. I guess, it just seems like a tough sell to get someone to switch from the free stuff to something they have to pay for. Maybe it works but I don’t get it

  36. People donate to streamers and their content is free. If people like something they're willing to pay.

  37. Yes. Your standard SATA SSD is fine. You don't need M.2 or NVME or anything fancy.

  38. I plan on using sensors around my home to have an automated graph of different things like Air quality, just as a fun project, and also storing things like documents and research papers so I can easily search through them, hopefully even program some kind of interface(the idea is in it's infancy) and better search function than is given by default

  39. You're getting really specific now and without actually seeing your workload it's hard to tell. All I know is if all your old parts were still in good working condition, an SSD would be the single best upgrade you could make. Your specs aren't horrible for a workstation and an SSD literally makes a night-and-day difference to your load times. Bumping up your CPU, RAM, GPU, etc will still be severely bottlenecked by a HDD no matter what speed it is.

  40. Pick her up in a Toyota Yaris and take her to McDonald's using the coupons you got in the mail. If she's down for a second date then you have your answer.

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