1. Huntsman spider? Consider a good spider as long as you don't harass it. Eats the other dangerous bugs and spiders. But God, they love to scare the living fuck out of people. Oh yeah they native to Australia.

  2. When they are inside your pantry, you have a problem though, no?

  3. Spiders just eat bugs. Majority of those bugs are harmful to our crops, preserved food, household, pets and family. Look im no fan of spiders. But I respect them. They have a job and do it well. Now if there was a spider that can actively hunt and kill Murder Hornets? Then I will definitely love them.

  4. Do you have murder hornets in your pantry?

  5. Yeah it's only a matter of time before one eventually gets flattened by a 80,000lb semi or god's drunkest driver in their lifted RAM 1500 TRX® CREW CAB 4X4 5'7" BOX SUPERCHARGED 6.2L HEMI® V8 MAX TRAILER TOW PKG.

  6. Nope, they are magical. When I’m on my death bed, I want the death bed moved into an XC90

  7. Could do something with your current char so that you didn’t need a +2 loreweave. Maybe pick something better than doomblast for mapping.

  8. Do steelmage’s impending doom pathfinder to make a super tank character that can test out things for you in standard. Like, you can practice boss fights on this char and never lose your portals, so it would be a cheap way to test new boss mechanics on standard in new leagues if the boss in question is accessible from standard league. It’s nutty tanky. Like Exarch balls heal you and you can tank the memory game.

  9. I looked into armorstacking a bit, but all I could find was Doryani's Prototype builds and I'm not a big fan of those. I seem to remember it used to be run on Champion with double Replica Dreamfeather and no Doryani's, but I couldn't find anything matching that.

  10. I made an armor stacker using doryani but it fixes the lightning issue using Mahuxotle machination and Rakiata timeless jewel for the other 50%. Not using two replica dreamfeathers is kind of a meme, but if not dying to mana siphoner is what is turning you off about doryani, it works.

  11. Hospital, 30 min drive, 5 min walk. I leave 45 til so it isn’t stressy.

  12. I got mine by farming keys, selling key sets for runes and trading those runes for high runes. Consistent returns especially early ladder. For a brief moment I ran Uber trist on my own and sold unid torches but i didn’t have fun so I stopped doing that even though it was more money. This is probably the most reliable way to generate wealth early in the ladder.

  13. These are worth basically nothing or less than nothing since they take up inventory space. Unless it is within 1% of perfect there is no market for sunder charms at all at this point in the season. If you need it, stash it and replace it when you find a better rolled one. When you replace it, just sell it to a vendor or drop it in a game for someone to pick up (they probably won’t).

  14. Also, don't shit talk your last boss. It doesn't matter if he was a vile piece of shit: don't talk shit. You don't have to be positive, but you have to be professional.

  15. Honestly both quotes sound like a PITA employee if you won’t know the boss because everyone knows not to talk shit in a job interview so if you even approach talking shit it’s a red flag like “Does this person not have the restraint to keep that to themself or do they really need to vent in an interview like this? Are they going to be talking about me like this if I hire them? And for that reason; I’m out”

  16. Aesthetically pleasing but room for improvement.

  17. I have paged surgeons with clarification of the home meds they have ordered numerous times and, I shit you not, they occasionally respond with “you need to as a medicine doctor that question.”

  18. Hey Mister, I have a cold DMG per Dex relic, apart from the balista build , what else can I play?

  19. Watching it again, it actually looks like the mom started to fall a little before the older child got in the way. She probably would have found her footing if she wasn’t there though.

  20. Yeah she decides to step on her ankle instead of her foot for some reason

  21. I showed my wife and her immediate take was "that kid's young, so she's relatively recently post-partum. Her joints are probably shit and she's tired as fuck."

  22. Yeah she rolls the shit out of her ankle

  23. Pea gravel over here. Nearly impossible to run in, was hard as rocks when you fell off the equipment onto it

  24. wish the grasping vine boots were not so shit, that would actually be huge for this build. And if volkuurs werent so useless it would be hella cheap too

  25. Volkurs are such a trap. They seem game breaking and then you do some math and you realize why they’re 1c

  26. Really suggests the inclusion of some sort of hand guard in the design doesn’t it

  27. One of the red sabres has a hilt (also made of Sabre)

  28. Hit up a compound pharmacy OP. The one I worked at for a while did those every blue moon.

  29. Well the sole manufacturer has stopped making it due to difficulty acquiring API. Maybe a mom and pop pharmacy knows how to find it though.

  30. In a nutshell: Awakener orb, suffixes can’t be changed, Aisling unveil +2, craft last prefix

  31. Looks like a punji pit for small animals

  32. I’m playing an arc freeze assassin build right now and am able to freeze everything in sanctum and pinnacle bosses (ie slow them to base speed). I am using unleash like you mentioned in op, it makes for comfy burst damage while clearing and easily one shots sanctum guards.

  33. You could use two COTBs and heatshiver to still get trinity btw

  34. I sure could but then it gets hard to cap chaos resistances with so many unique items. I’d also lose the ability to shock for 50%, and id lose a lot of defences and ES from dropping crown (and a decent amount of ES for EB is essential for such a mana hungry build)

  35. Yeah definitely not a free move, but heatshiver is pretty hard to beat on any cold build that freezes!

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