1. Don’t mean to be glib but maybe it just isn’t for you. If it don’t hit, it don’t hit. For some the contrast is the thing.

  2. I love Takanaka and I’m familiar with the tune but don’t hear the similarity, do you have a timestamp?

  3. Different strains have different terps if you think they all taste the same you just have no sense of taste.

  4. I mean at the end of the day, weed is weed. It all tastes like that

  5. He is first and foremost a family man. He often spends a lot of time looking after his kids while his wife is at work off of touring. And when touring, he spends a lot of time learning the songs and being a great live musician.

  6. Oh shit nice!!!! That is hella respectable, love someone focusing on what’s really important

  7. Anything from the 80s-90s period Beach Boys. All of their output from those years was garbage. You can also say their stuff from a couple years before was also bad, but at least they still had some good songs. Summer In Paradise is still a contender for the worst album of all time imo.

  8. They only released 3 albums in the 80’s. 2 of them are basically hot garbage but one of them (self titled) is pretty good. I have a soft spot for 80’s BB in my heart .

  9. The comments in here are so retarded. This is literally the logo of the fucking army. The national football team uses it and it's an official logo to represent the CURRENT German Republic.

  10. Genuinely surprising coming from someone with the username “Smiley Smile”

  11. I feel like every time Tyler drops an album the bar for “his prime” only raises, so yeah he’s in his prime but how will he redefine that with a new album? Only he knows at this point

  12. It seems you're a prog rock fan. Not a progressive rock fan.

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