1. Types of cats beating the shit out of river fauna. Didn't we see this last week?

  2. It's got some of the best non surf beaches in Sydney if you want a calm swim. It has nice bush walks to hat head and the boatshed is nice for a cocktail, if you're going to La Perouse. If you're going to Brighton though its a bit shit. Really depends on the plan.

  3. Much of a muchness, I live here and do both very regularly. They are both wonderful and we often have this debate. Probably less crowded at Henry head but hardly crowded at Malabar.

  4. I live in the heart of South's territory. I don't follow league but I think they normally do well as we get beeps most year around finals.

  5. Booking an early flight from QLD back to Sydney on the day DLS changes was a mistake. Half our devices changed, half didn't and I had to use 5 AM brain to work out which were the devices which changed. The device with the alarm set decided to wake us up early. Then I had to call the cab company to check the booking was right as it was made on app on a device which changed.

  6. I not very good at taking criticism. It's not because I think I can do no wrong. It's actually quite the opposite. I think I mostly suck and I hate when others validate my own insecurities.

  7. There's a difference between receiving criticism and retaliating and receiving criticism and getting easily broken by it. I think OP is talking about former.

  8. People not wearing masks, especially during 2021 in Australia when it was spreading and we were trying to work together to avoid needing to lockdown etc, it's something I'll never understand. Some people just really hate masks, even if it's just for 20mins while at the shops.

  9. Facial sensitivity varies massively is the thing. For me a mask meant absolutely nothing, I'd forget I was wearing them. But I only have my own experience. And it is really hard to understand what everyone feels when you can only experience your own sensitivity.

  10. Yeah loads. But as far as a broad creative interest, that's just life in general. There's probably 3 or 4 million people in Sydney interested in the creative space. It would be somewhat too noisy to have a group this large and general in a town this large. You need to look in specific genres and then sub genres.

  11. So I have to wait until Optus contact me to let me know my DL has been compromised? They are taking forever to get the general email out!!!

  12. I got an email last night from optus, and I haven't been a customer in 3 years.

  13. Ahh I can fill in some local information about this! This is Etty bay in northern QLD Australia. This particular bird is a regular customer of people's lunches here. It's not afraid of anything from what I've witnessed and seems unfazed by screams of surprise from people it sneaks up on. While it is correct that these birds are very dangerous, I'm not aware of this particular male attacking anyone. I've got a few photos of it buried in my phone, but just googling Etty bay will find photos of him.

  14. Awesome, I'm on a road trip up here at the moment and staying at Paronella Park tonight. I might head there tomorrow.

  15. I think it has only been the one for a very long time. Good to see there are now more.

  16. There's a group at Clifton Gardens where I work. It started out with 1 for a few years. Slowly more came each season. I counted 8 there last week.

  17. This seems like all those wines covered in gold medals, which are competions organised by themselves.

  18. Excluding Antarctica, Australia is the continent with the least snake bite deaths per year. It's exaggerated because we have something like 19 of the 20 most venomous snakes but it's not something you need to worry about.

  19. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epidemiology_of_snakebites

  20. I remember watching that too. The revolving door of premiers, before they got absolutely crushed at the 2011 election. As much as I hate the Liberals, NSW Labor absolutely deserved that loss in 2011. They were horrible.

  21. The compost heap needs turning regularly. Put a government in power long enough and invariably the crooked MPs will realise how much they can get away with and attempt more and more.

  22. 3 polls in 2 weeks have Labor on 32, 40 and 43 and LNP on 36.4, 35 and 30.

  23. 3 polls in 2 weeks have Labor on 32, 40 and 43 and LNP on 36.4, 35 and 30.

  24. Having your work forget about you sounds too good to be true.

  25. I have 40 Facebook friends and 2 of them got stabbing heart pains from the vac and one person I work with had it too.

  26. Were these 3 people diagnosed with an actual injury? Sharp chest pain is incredibly common. It can be caused by things like anxiety.

  27. So a medical professional told him it wasn't an issue then? Where's the injury? I suppose your friend just happened to visit a doctor in on the cover up.

  28. See it in Manly all the time

  29. Manly and Cronulla are the only beaches with close mass transit. Buses are much more cramped than ferrys and trains and the only access to the other surf beaches.

  30. One day delivery from Amazon- Stainless Steel Grate Mesh Net for Japanese Hibachi BBQ Grill (Rectangular 41x 25cm)

  31. https://reddit.com/r/food/comments/xa8asy/homemade_korean_bbq/

  32. If it was in service there would be a rescue by now. It's probably just waiting for timetable. I often see them sitting off Mosman.

  33. Will the number of people reduce livibility? Localised traffic jams, parking unavailable, full trains/buses (this might not affect the suburb but down the line), kids not able to attend the closest school etc.

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