1. There will be people all around the world, like me, that point out that gun control will help, and most sensible people in the US would agree with the sentiment. It however, must be pointed out that the majority of people who refuse to listen to logic probably voted for Trump, so what hope is there trying to use logic on them?

  2. Are you challenged? It’s not what I’m deciding they are, my criticism is how it’s reported.

  3. Now you’re just being obtuse and bad faith arguing, trying to cherry pick and take things out of context when they’ve clearly been provided to you.

  4. No I'm not, and I am not alt right. You are refusing to answer a simple question and making it about me instead of answering it. You made the statement, so own it. You made a statement about the person being a man and once again I will ask, are all transgender women men in your eyes, or only when they have done something wrong?

  5. Definitely time to get out on the roads with cars and trucks around you.

  6. That’s a lot of weight lost. Well done from someone who knows what it’s like to lose life changing weight.

  7. I’ve got this. I feel your pain. It will disappear, then return. Don’t use soap. Use an alternative. Use a barrier lotion and there are creams that will help.

  8. Just enjoy being outside, hitting a ball into a hole that is a long way away. Everything else is a bonus.

  9. Are you in Sydney and can work in the cbd? I’ll give you 38 hours a week casual or you can go full time. Pm me

  10. My milk bar had a lot of 3 for 1c lollies. Mum would give me 20c for a bag of lollies and I'd spend 15 minutes pointing out every individual lolly I wanted. About 20 minutes later I'd come home with what felt like a garbage bag full of lollies. So good.

  11. $1 worth of chips from the corner takeaway in the 80s was huge. Nowadays a large chips is likely in a cup, but back then it was wrapped in paper and big enough to carry under your arm.

  12. Can you remember how many lollies you got for $1? It seemed like a tonne at the time.

  13. Coolabah 5 liter goons for $13. You could find the change behind the couch cushions if you looked.

  14. I think he’s asking if OP ever broke both of his arms growing up while living with his stepmom.

  15. If China wants to use Australia buying a handful of subs as a reason to increase military spending, then they are looking for any excuse to do so.

  16. Lol, it's a plan for a nuclear base at the south end of Australia.

  17. There are no nuclear military weapons. They are just nuclear powered subs..........NO NUKES

  18. As a motorcyclist, I’m all in for improving options for travel that take cars off the road. I don’t mind cyclists because I just go around them easily. It’s made easier by me not being alone in a massive Ute or four wheel drive.

  19. When I see things like this, I am glad i ride a motorcycle and I can lane filter. Get a bike people. It's a great way to travel.

  20. It’s mad that a team with Conte, one of the best strikers in the world, and the reigning joint golden boot winner are going through a season like this, shambolic

  21. I would hate it if my team were underachieving.............oh wait.

  22. Even worse In your case with the investment.

  23. Chelsea have had so many shit decisions go against them this season, so I don't care that we won with a questionable call. Salty, salty tears will do nothing to change my feelings.

  24. Some of the comments in this sub are so negative. Take a win cunts.

  25. I cant believe we lost at home. This is devastating. But well played to Australia. But ig this was expected in a way. We are beasts at home, if anyone was gonna tame us, no shame in it being Australiathe best team in the world .

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