Jordan Peterson breaks down crying after being described as a 'incel hero'.

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  1. I really thought the definition of an incel was just an involuntary celibate. And some incels, like other groups of generally okay people, are extremists.

  2. This is the definition of incel. That many of then are hatefull and full of spite does not change the meaning, but I guess that don’t matter. Just like how ever right leaning person is a nazi

  3. «Bokmål» er veldig vanlig i Bø, men ville trodd at rånerene iallefall snakket med litt dialekt.

  4. That would be preposterous unless somehow they were storing Bitcoin in their reddit vault.

  5. There is nothing that connects an email to a Blockchain. It can be ASSUMED by an external entity, based on activity, but it can't be proven. There is no connection there.

  6. Nothing connects reddit to an email so not sure what youre on about.

  7. Er vel alt for flat for spiss fleinsopp, stilken er for feit, ser også ut som den har en type for «vail». Dette har ikke flein, men kan være dårlig bilde.

  8. Det er oslo, ingen bryr seg om hvor du tar jonasen din

  9. What the fuck is that black and yellow flamethrower thingy?

  10. sorry i don't speak English just I'm tried commenting

  11. i honestly didnt even think abt it ig i thought it was like enigma and just got grown thru lc

  12. Please do at least the basic research of what youre growing

  13. Ikke rør stoffer du ikke forstår basic informasjon av, dette gjelder både alko, weed og heroin, og alt imellom.

  14. Yeah just cheaper to do shit dumbass kid doesn’t realize my bank will give my money back lol

  15. did you really pay using f&f? Man youre a dumbass. If not just dispute it with paypal

  16. On a video about minecraft bugs, nice

  17. Stop dragging your dogs head around everytime you try to kiss it ffs

  18. Polite sex and fake orgasms are my kink, så bring it

  19. It is funny, but I don’t think it’s the time or the place for this kind of joke.

  20. Bitches allways gotto find something wrong

  21. Men hva om han ikke identifiserer som evneveik jævel? Fengsel på deg

  22. Da må han ta en revaluering ganske ASAP

  23. Fun fact: Nickelodeon officially revealed that Spongebob's original name was Spongeboy

  24. Fun fact: this was the probaly product that made them change the name

  25. Take your dumb ideas and shoot them in the trash on the way out too, this is still a far off tangent from this crackhead’s idea for “anonymous funding” for ideas he had while high.

  26. Which lines are you reading between? Take your meds schizo

  27. Nice, not only do you not know what your arguing against, but you can’t seem to rebuttal a single point, nice brainworms. We’ve been testing either interventional (a "trial") or observational (no "test article") on humans for many years. Saying that it only happens when finalising drugs, or testing exclusively on dead humans are both completely wrong. The two rules of beneficence are maximizing the benefits of research and minimizing any possible risks. Ofcourse you don’t but a completly new elements without testing it on similar mammals, but “final human trial” is a lie. Just chech the FDA process lol it aint that hard.

  28. God zamn that's fucking dope I'll give you a half eaten milky way and 25 cents

  29. Nah thats mad lowball, ill give you the full milkyway and atleast two dollars

  30. Is she really trying to take the highground as a “data-scientist” lmao go on i bet google data studio makes you so smart

  31. Gjengkriminalitet blir bare værre og værre, mens det eneste politiet satser på er fartsfeller og ta rusmusbrukere.

  32. Dagligvarebutikkene er basically en mafiaorganisasjon

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