Former Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes sentenced to more than 11 years in prison

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  1. Nice! So I’m guessing when the interest portion of the repayment drops to 0, you’re fully offset at $250,000 outstanding. What typically happens after that? I understand you could just pay out the remainder and be mortgage-free, but are there benefits to keeping those funds offset?

  2. Keep those funds in the offset account and let it pay out the remaining loan balance over the life of the mortgage. It essentially becomes an interest free loan and you have a big wad of emergency cash.

  3. My brain legit read that you were taking fertiliser treatment. I was like WTF, why would you take fertilisers?

  4. Taylor, Western, Peter Berg.... Yep, I was the Vince McMahon meme reading this.

  5. You can land bank by buying acreage property that is in a decent location. It's still a gamble, but if you get it right, you're looking at a significant return. Everyone I know that made it big land banked years ago in areas that no one wanted but still close to popular suburbs.

  6. Just listen for if it is leaking until you do replace it/them.

  7. That tyre is gone. It's dry rot to shit.

  8. I sympathise, my cousin works in foster care and the workplace culture sucks there apparently. The Peter Principle (oldest serving scum rises to the top) reigns Supreme and there is backstabbing too.

  9. The Peter Principle is about someone being promoted up to their point of incompetence. What you're describing is the old school seniority based promotion.

  10. He sounds like a cross between Robert Patrick and Norman Reedus.

  11. The socceroos played really well. Gave Argentina a scare or two and didn't let them think they could switch off. Close to a draw with that last effort too.

  12. They're Hot Toys. If you're in the US, google sideshow collectibles. Be careful. It's addictive.

  13. Looks like whoever sits in the left seat, and probably right seat, will have a speaker obstruct the view.

  14. Yes, my unfortunate kids who don't seem to mind luckily. They use the main seats for movies they watch on their own.

  15. You can't cash out your long service leave between 7 and 10 years but you can take it and be paid to go on leave. You're better off doing this and you still get super paid for that leave period.

  16. 1000% no. Not everyone can afford a childhood they wish they had and when they grow up and are in a better financial place, they can then enjoy these missed opportunities. Don't let other people stop you from enjoying kids games and buying legos. Everyone deserves to be happy and if buying legos at any age makes you happy, do it.

  17. No, leave it just to show the idiots who think unions dont do an important job for worker rights get shamed and ridiculed.

  18. What's this thing called?

  19. Wood stove burner? I want to get one of these for next winter.

  20. Leftovers are some of the best meals you can have. It always seems to be just more flavourful after an overnight soak in its juices and sauces. I mean the only leftovers that are not as good are the fried stuff.

  21. Can you pls elaborate on the stressors of your job.

  22. Usually dealing with disciplinary matters and people who can be difficult.

  23. Talk to an accountant. You don't need to sell your shares just to debt recycle. It can be a paper based transaction. I'm not an accountant but we had a similar situation and we went through our accountant who is reputable, ie no dodgy stuff.

  24. Once it expires, people will remortgage and stretch it back to 30 years.

  25. So do you still have your ND? And what would your top 3 reasons to commit to spending more money from the ND to the 718?

  26. IMO there should be a single "throne" seat that isn't compromised. That seat should be in the middle at the best viewing location, with recline.

  27. Absolutely agree with the single throne. If you're the person that will spend the most time and can tell the smallest difference in sound quality, you want to position your seat as the main one. I do disagree with going 120 inch though. I tried 120 and quickly decided 150 is the way to go. For movies that are widescreen with black bars, that 120 inch screen starts getting tiny compared to the 150.

  28. How far away from the screen are you? In my system I sit about 11' from the screen, and decided on a 125" screen. Initially I had a 135" screen but felt it was too large, so I resized it (it's a painted wall screen, so I can change the size). OP's room isn't that large, so I think the seating distance to screen won't be that big. One can always project onto the wall to find the appropriate size, and then buy the screen.

  29. Hmm, on second thought, you may be right because the first row of reclining position is very close to the screen wall. However I would still try and go as big as possible, maybe 135 if not 150.

  30. Funny because true "Muslims" like Osama and the Talibans are the ones actually living in caves and act like barbarians.

  31. IIRC, he's already come out saying he will never take on any superhero role, or he was advising another actor not to.

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